One, two, three, four… new traits!

This is a fantastic week to head back into the stables and get siring! Our team has been working hard to build out interesting new traits, and while some of you have discovered a couple of them through breeding (good one, Uncle) there are a few out there, grazing in the ether, just waiting to be found.

Today, though, we’re focusing on four new traits that you can now find in our marketplace — all arranged beautifully on our friend below.

The new traits — Curly Tail, Palomino Coat, Buzzed Leg Hair and and BROWN eyes — can be picked up on newly-generated ponies in our Marketplace right now. Go get ’em before anyone else does for the ultimate bragging right.

A quick tip, before we go.

When working toward breeding out discoverable traits, look at each combination a few times before moving on to the next. Sometimes, hidden traits will prompt similar gene combinations to change in surprising ways!

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