The holidays have come early to our stables!

All-new traits have been released onto our Marketplace, and this batch is a particular favorite among the jockeys here at HQ. The newest traits include red taffy coats, windblown hair, and a gorgeous varnish appaloosa skin that shines! Check out some previews below, then hit up our marketplace to pick them up yourself:

We’re also working on something extra special to celebrate the new year, so stay tuned for what might be the most unique set of traits to hit our marketplace yet! Dare we drop a hint? Well… okay, but only a mildly cryptic one:


Our team has also been working hard to update the website and make each Pony page more comprehensive as we prepare our racing feature. Now, all traits are clearly displayed along with the pony’s price evolution chart, like so:

One final piece of news: some special action will be kicking up later this week, exclusively for members of our Discord community. Make sure you join in on the fun (it’s free!) and stay tuned for more news from the community team.

Until next time: yippee-kay-yay, equestrians.