Time for a hint.

There lurks a hidden trait in these here stables… think you can find it?

We’re excited to confirm that yes, there are discoverable traits in BitPonies — combining different ponies will help you uncover which ones we have floating in the ether (ha) now, so make sure you’re trying all sorts of different combinations when breeding your ponies. Don’t be afraid of something that might look weird; it might very well breed out an all-new trait, giving you the bragging rights that come with the act of discovery.

Traits, much like real-life qualities in horses and their offspring, are dominant in some horses and not as dominant in others. So, because we like you, we’ll give you this mission — to solve a little equation by the beginning of the weekend for a special prize!

Ready for it? Okay.


Think you can saddle up and figure this one out? We hope so!

We’ll be back next week with even more updates and some news on where we’re going from here. Big huge thanks to everyone who has hopped into the game so far! We wouldn’t be here without you.

Until next time…