Wednesday Update: Scruffy-Looking Horse Jockeys!

Happy Wednesday!

This coming Friday, we’re coming BACK with four new trait addition on the marketplace! Each drop will happen every two weeks from here on out, so make sure to keep coming back to catch new traits, because several of our upcoming traits will breed out some very interesting mutations.

The next traits to hit our marketplace will be:

  • Long Tail
  • Cobalt Skin (!)
  • Classic Overo Skin
  • Scruffy Hair

With the holidays ramping up, we’re working toward something special for all of you who have supported us from the start. Want to know what it is? Join our Discord server and stay tuned for an announcement exclusively going out on our channels in mid-December.

We’re also on our way to rolling out new updates on the site that will include a few more items the community had requested, including our Whitepaper and Road Map. Stay tuned for exact dates on that, coming soon!