Now a day’s people born in a world full of technology. Their daily routine starts with checking their mobile phone and no doubt they spent a lot of time with it. So, it is a very good idea to connect the education system with it. Even many schools, colleges, and institutes are using this idea. They are using school management ERP software with mobile app which is much helpful for parents, teachers, and students too.

Here are the 10 major benefits of using school management ERP

  1. Increase daily productivity: — School management ERP app, helps school staff to boost their productivity by reducing paperwork and saving their time & efforts of maintaining school data on registers. …

Among all administrative tasks, attendance marking is one of the most important and regular task which takes up valuable time from the lecture duration of a class. Nowadays it is getting too difficult to manage the hardcopy attendance records. Searching, sorting, calculating statistics for couple of months, representing overall attendance data on the report card of a student from attendance register, eats up a lot of time and does not guarantee that there will be no mistakes in the attendance report.

The online attendance system is the best solution to manage all challenges of the traditional attendance system. …

How to identify the best web development company in India?
How to identify the best web development company in India?
How to identify the best web development company in India?

So you are in confusion, which company or developer should I trust who provide me the best solution and services? Many people have the same question when they are going online first time or when they want to hire someone new who can solve their problem and deliver the website and app as they have expected on time.

Some more questions you’ve to consider about.

1. How long does the solution work? If you’ve hired a person or web development company, they provide you the solution(website and app) and gives support about 3–6 months. What will happen after that if you face any issue or your website and app crashed? …


Bitpulse Technologies is a development and testing company focused on designing, developing & testing web apps for multiple devices as well as platforms.

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