Benefits of using school management ERP mobile app

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Jan 26 · 3 min read

Now a day’s people born in a world full of technology. Their daily routine starts with checking their mobile phone and no doubt they spent a lot of time with it. So, it is a very good idea to connect the education system with it. Even many schools, colleges, and institutes are using this idea. They are using school management ERP software with mobile app which is much helpful for parents, teachers, and students too.

Here are the 10 major benefits of using school management ERP

  1. Increase daily productivity: — School management ERP app, helps school staff to boost their productivity by reducing paperwork and saving their time & efforts of maintaining school data on registers.
  2. Save paper and reduce staff workload: — Use of smartphones and apps is an eco-friendly and smart way to manage schools instead of paper and pen.
  3. Save time and money: — Due to the busy schedule of parents, some students suffer from late fees submission, fines, dues, and many other problems. ERP mobile app sends the reminder/notice alerts on the guardian’s phone to remind them about the school’s events and activities.
  4. Ease of interaction between parents, teachers & students: — Nowadays, when parents are busy with their working lifestyle and do not get much time to spend with their child and his notebooks, diaries, homework, etc. which contains important information about their child performance. In small towns, many parents do not go to their child’s PTA meeting just because of language problems. ERP apps are very useful in these scenarios where parents can get full attendance and academic records of their child and can also interact with their teachers If required.
  5. Available and accessible from anywhere and any device: — The most important benefit of ERP apps is that these are accessible by everyone, anywhere and anytime on the smartphone.
  6. No major IT knowledge required to operate: — Apps are always easy to access, install, and it doesn’t require any deep technical knowledge to use.
  7. No additional investments for hardware or server: — If you have invested a heavy amount in hardware, server, tech team, and maintenance, you are adding one more problem in the queue instead of solving the one. ERP apps are beneficial here, it doesn’t require any additional investment of hardware, server, Maintenance, etc.
  8. Data backup policy: —Data is everything in the ERP and a good ERP system has a data backup policy so that in case of system downgrade or data loss, data can be restored from its backup.
  9. System alert: — Whenever the child fees are due, any notice is released or he/she is absent in class, parents receive messages or notification for that.
  10. Smart Institute: — An institute is a smart institute if it uses any digital medium for education. With the change in technology, people are preferring the good and smart institute for their child education. School Management ERP App provides connectivity with everyone, data integration, reporting and it makes an institute a complete smart institute which is the demand of this era.

Best School Management ERP App

e-SIR — Electronic Student Illumination Report is an all-in-one School Management ERP App with tons of advanced features like

  1. Replaces the use of Student Diaries, Notice Board, Attendance Registers.
  2. Touch Attendance register via smartphone.
  3. Student performance tracking.
  4. Auto-generated library cards.
  5. Auto-generated report cards(No calculation required).
  6. Advanced Leave Management System.
  7. Library Management System with book tracking.
  8. Fees Management.
  9. And many more.
e-SIR — School Management ERP App

Click here to get a full list of features and services of the e-SIR ERP and also take a look at its demo video to get a closer feel about the ERP system.

Start using ERP by registering your institute at

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