Hi all, how is it going? Our team is excited to tell you briefly about our latest developments!

Since the last updates’ article, the BitRewards Loyalty Platform got even better:
1. For the InSales CMS (a platform for online stores creation), it is now possible to make a partial or full order payment by loyalty points directly from the cart. Users can now seamlessly spend loyalty program points without going through unnecessary steps.
2. InSales users are now able to embed the loyalty program into their personal account; cross-authorization is possible as well. Now, each registered user is signed-up for the loyalty…

Hi all, it’s time for another amazing updates’ letter from the BitRewards team! Shortly, here is how we improved our project since the last time we spoke:

1. BitRewards Referral Tool was improved by a multilevel referral system functionality. Now BitRewards partners that use the BitRewards Referral Tool can build their multi-level network of referrers who will attract other referrers and receive rewards from the earnings made by the participants of the MLM network.

2. The BitRewards Multi-level Referral Tool is being tested with social network influencers. The Key opinion leaders can automatically receive personal referral links and promo codes…

Hi everyone! We just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been going on with BitRewards during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Most importantly — all company’s operations are unaffected and the whole team continues its daily work. As a temporary measure, all our office employees are now working remotely and maintain the same high productivity level as before.

2. We are working on improvements to some existing features and a new product, “Traffic Exchange”, which we plan to add to the BitRewards Marketing Platform. It will enable BitRewards partners — the retailers — to exchange traffic between each…

Hi everybody, we are excited to share our latest achievements with you. Since we last spoke, many fascinating things have been happening within the company, and one of them remains the same: we are as driven to build a product of the future, as always!

Here is a brief list of what we’ve accomplished past months:
1. Our brand-new product — “Browser Push Notifications” was created and developed from scratch. Now BitRewards partners can bring their website visitors back using browser push-notifications with discount offers. The product has inbuilt predefined scenarios: the “Abandoned basket” and the “Product ends “. …

Hi all, as you know, the BitRewards project supports the open source concept, therefore, as promised, we’re glad to announce the big open source product release! Please, check us out on the GitHub to see: https://github.com/BitRewards/LoyaltyPlatform

This software component is a loyalty platform with rewards in cryptocurrency based on ERC-20 token.
BitRewards Loyalty Platform allows to perform the following tasks:

1) Reward users with BIT tokens for purchases;
2) Reward users with BIT tokens for their friends purchases;
3) Reward users with BIT tokens for sharing posts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media;
4) Reward users with BIT tokens for subscription…

The BitRewards team has done a massive amount of work on the platform and a number of tools for the BitRewards ecosystem.

All team members and the higher management are super excited about our results. We continue testing our tools, and anyone interested can try them in the Tools section on our website.

The BitRewards platform consists of the set of various tools for the facilitation of e-commerce business and other online services. The functionality includes rewarding users for purchases, purchases of friends, shares in social networks, subscriptions to accounts in social networks and for any other user actions, as…

Hey there! We welcome our community and continue talking about our recent updates.

Unlike a great number of crypto-projects, instead of reckless spending on the informational noise and verbal interventions into token market price, we have focused all our efforts on making substantial progress with our product and have real traction, which promises great results for our business model and our token holders.

Over the past few months, we have managed to significantly develop the efficiency and integrity of our tools, which solves the important problems of retailers, sets out the growth points in new directions and gives the retailers…

BitRewards is excited to welcome everyone in 2019, and we can’t wait to share with you our latest achievements and future plans. Last year we worked like in coal mines, and have accomplished a lot! Now we as always are fully committed to building a company of the future in the fascinating and growing field of customers’ rewards and loyalty.

First, let’s sum up some of the results for the past year.

Loyalty program


Due to the continuing cryptocurrency market stagnation and because of the feedback received from our community about the upcoming listing of the BitRewards on the Korean Exchange Coinchel, our team decided to postpone it.

We continue to monitor the market situation in order to select the most favorable time for listing since the main goal was to increase the liquidity of the BIT token. In addition, we continue to work on the possibility of listing on other top exchanges.

In addition, our main focus is still to be working on the product. As for future plans and new developments…

As a result of rapid growth, BitRewards team has shifted the focus to product lines. BitRewards has already released a mobile application, a referral widget, floating and cumulative cashback and integrated motivational tools. Currently, we are actively doing research and preparing several more products for the needs of e-commerce. In this regard, we decided to update our sites. We have two official domains bitrewards.network and bitrewards.com and we present the information on them as follows:


It contains the information regarding the ICO. We have released a short version, leaving the most important blocks. We will keep it up to date…


Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency. Bringing rewards on blockchain to shops & shoppers. Working product, team of 20+, 5 years on the market

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