A Referral Program That Works

You know the power of the word of mouth! An online business that creates a referral program can create and track its brand advocates, encourage happy customers promoting its products and increase user acquisition and retention metrics.

Everyone knows the referral programs of such customers’ darlings as Booking.com, Dropbox, Uber, and Evernote. These programs work, and they help create an army of brand advocates and attract new fans.

But the set up of the referral program is a complex matter because the process contains lots of details, on which the success depends.


The main task of the referral program is to make sure that the loyal users start talking about your brand and your product, for which they need to be given proper incentives. You can offer a discount coupon, a fixed cash reward, a percentage cashback or some mix of the above.

Also, it’s important what you offer to referrals to stimulate their actions.

In each case, different scenarios work. BitRewards analyzes the best practices of incentives and implemented them into our new product GetReferrals, with flexible out-of-the-box settings that really work. It takes a click of a button and the dashboard will show the results of the campaign.


There are many different points of communication with your users, and the next task of the referral program is to find the most appropriate points and clearly convey to the customers the offer that your campaign makes.

There are cases when even major brands launched their referral programs and got poor results because they did not pay proper attention to their value proposition.

For the successful promotion, GetReferrals also analyzed the most effective points of communication with the online business audience. And our tools were developed to promote your referral program efficiently. These are classic links, buttons, pop-ups after registration and purchase, email blasts, messages in social media, and our know-how — Share buttons with a cashback.

What’s next?

Now you know that referral programs are an integral tool of any successful online business, and we explained the main factors affecting the success of the referral program. You can try developing the referral program by yourself, but it’s easier to use GetReferrals, and immediately start applying working tools with the proper settings and an embedded promotion system.

Check out GetReferrals and leave a request.

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Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency. Bringing rewards on blockchain to shops & shoppers. Working product, team of 20+, 5 years on the market

Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency. Bringing rewards on blockchain to shops & shoppers. Working product, team of 20+, 5 years on the market