BIT token is live on HitBTC exchange!

We are super proud and excited to announce that BitRewards crypto, the BIT tokens are now officially traded on HitBTC — a top 5 crypto exchange in the world. That’s one of the most fascinated moments for us guys, and our entire team is extremely grateful and appreciative for your outstanding support and trust!

BitRewards token is now traded as ETH/BIT trading pair, making it globally accessible and tradable for everyone in the world, implementing our strategy for the universal rewards and loyalty platform and cryptocurrency, which every merchant and their customers can use.

Click on this link to start trading BIT on HitBTC now:

Getting listed on HitBTC is the best way for a decentralized platform to facilitate fast, secure, and transparent liquidity for its tokens. There are hundreds of projects that want to spread around the world and apply for the listing with this outstanding exchange, but only very few achieve this result.

We are humbled by this fact, and as always want to express thank you to everyone who believed in our technology and our outstanding team. It’s our dream to deliver a great product in the fascinating sphere of rewards and loyalty, and it’s our ultimate goal to live up to the expectations of each and everyone who truly believes in BitRewards and supports us.

We are also driven by the recent successes with the real-life businesses, which feel the need for the decentralized rewards system for their day-to-day operations, and are keen to use our platform. BitRewards platform enjoys the demand from all over the world, but in particular, our business development succeeds in Korea, where we are aiming to deliver, first of all, for the beauty and cosmetics industry and make integration with the local retailers’ payment system. We have signed several importanе agreements lately, about which you will necessarily hear in one of our nearest announcements.

Thank you again for being with us at this important moment! We are proud of this achievement and are looking forward to your continual support, and will do our best to deliver for you!

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