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BIT token listing on HitBTC: community opinion poll

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Our team puts the token sale participants’ interests first and monitors all their wants and ideas. In the last month, some of the community members raised their concerns about entering HitBTC exchange at this point in time. The arguments we discovered were that the crypto-market has been extremely turbulent over the past six weeks, and entering exchanges in such depressed times bears high risks of the negative token price development.

We think it’s a valid point and therefore count on a public discussion about our strategy, as we should care about all ecosystem contributors and protect them from undesirable outcomes.

It’s also essential that the BitRewards team abides by the proposed roadmap, and doesn’t make changes without asking the community. We are big believers that the success of our project depends on the support of our community, which is the ultimate source of inspiration and energy for our team.

As the listing on our first exchange — HitBTC, was planned for June, we have decided to set a public opinion poll to make a balanced decision on whether or not we should postpone the date of the listing for a few weeks, when the state of the market suggests a more advantageous token price development. The proposed new time of the listing on HitBTC is July — August 2018.

Please, follow this link to participate in the opinion poll:


BitRewards team is focused on keeping the given promises and will proceed with the listing in its due course in the case the majority of the community rejects the idea. We’re waiting to hear your opinion!

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