Due to the continuing cryptocurrency market stagnation and because of the feedback received from our community about the upcoming listing of the BitRewards on the Korean Exchange Coinchel, our team decided to postpone it.

We continue to monitor the market situation in order to select the most favorable time for listing since the main goal was to increase the liquidity of the BIT token. In addition, we continue to work on the possibility of listing on other top exchanges.

In addition, our main focus is still to be working on the product. As for future plans and new developments — we will tell you about that soon. Stay tuned and follow our updates!

BIT token to be listed on Coinchel exchange

In addition to working actively on the product, we also continue to work on the BIT placement on exchanges. Due to a large number of South Korean contributors, we constantly receive requests of BIT listing on the Korean exchanges. Now we are pleased to announce the upcoming listing of BIT token on the top Korean exchange — Coinchel.

A listing will take place very soon, within the next week. Besides, we’d like to announce that we have fulfilled another significant wish of our contributors: on Coinchel they will be able to trade not only with the existing BIT/ETH pair but also with BTC and Coinchel tokens. That is a significant achievement, which will increase the liquidity of BIT token.

The listing fee will be paid from the BitRewards Foundation, which had been previously announced to be keeping funds for partnerships and listings on stock exchanges, that have a potential to positively affect the liquidity of the token — https://medium.com/@bitrewards/bitrewards-token-sale-successfully-ended-66ee432b464d.

BIT token is currently available on the top exchange — HitBTC — with the trading pair BIT/ETH. Starting from mid-August till today the token’s rate has had a positive dynamics and, taking into consideration the incredibly rapid work of the enthusiastic BitRewards team creating real products and real business, it is the most promising crypto asset in the long term.

The volume of trade over the past few months has been at a high level and we hope that after the listing on Coinchel it will show even better dynamics.

We highly appreciate our community and would like to once again express our gratitude for our project’s support. We are proud of all the results that we managed to achieve in a short time and will continue to do everything possible to further develop our product.

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Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency. Bringing rewards on blockchain to shops & shoppers. Working product, team of 20+, 5 years on the market

Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency. Bringing rewards on blockchain to shops & shoppers. Working product, team of 20+, 5 years on the market