BitRewards announces partnership with AnySign

BitRewards has officially confirmed the partnership with the leading technology company AnySign, which has developed the next-generation AnyPay platform for making payments online and offline.

Any Pay allows combining various payment solutions in just one with the help of blockchain, whether credit and debit cards, internal loyalty points and bonuses of retailers or other means of payment, including cryptocurrency. Now people do not have to carry an endless set of banking, transport and discount cards — all functionality will be available in one mobile application.

Thanks to integration with BitRewards, AnyPay users automatically become participants of BitRewards loyalty programs and will receive BIT tokens for purchases, which will positively affect the customer satisfaction index. Retailers will be able to quickly launch loyalty programs and manage the promotion of their products and services right inside their payment system.

The launch of the platform is planned in South Korea.

Like BitRewards, the target audience of the AnyPay platform is all kinds of retail. They will allow it:

  • Accept any form of payment;
  • Receive a secure payment service;
  • One stop payments (solution based on smart contracts);
  • Online / Mobile and Offline payment processing.

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed, BitRewards and AnySign have agreed on:

  • Creation of a joint venture — AnyBit;
  • Implementation of loyalty systems and encouraging customers to cryptocurrency in South Korea;
  • Developing a joint strategy to enter international markets.

South Korea has about 2.5 million offline retailers, the total deal amount for 2017 was 950 billion dollars. This is one of the top priority markets for BitRewards, therefore the joint venture with AnySign opens huge prospects for business growth.

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