BitRewards is excited to welcome everyone in 2019, and we can’t wait to share with you our latest achievements and future plans. Last year we worked like in coal mines, and have accomplished a lot! Now we as always are fully committed to building a company of the future in the fascinating and growing field of customers’ rewards and loyalty.

First, let’s sum up some of the results for the past year.

Loyalty program

SaaS solution for any online business that increases audience loyalty. The flexible solution allows merchants to reward their users for valuable actions. There are multiple options for how to reward users — with BIT tokens, discounts, special offers, fiat currency or regular loyalty points.

During the tests, the solution showed an increase in repeat sales by double-digit percentage points.

Check out how it works, and sign up if you are a merchant at

Sales increasing widgets

An impressive set of marketing tools for online stores that increase the number of purchases and average order amount for almost any niche, due to the segmentation of user behavior and smart incentives. These solutions can also use BIT tokens for the user’s motivation.

These tools have been already successfully applied to several hundreds of stores.

The demo is available at

Combining Widgets with the Loyalty Program

Widgets are designed to achieve immediate incentivization, whereas the loyalty program has a cumulative effect and works in the long run. We have combined these two product groups into one synergistic solution. Now the users who have interacted with the instant motivation widgets automatically become participants to the loyalty program of the merchant, which allows creating a single cross-cutting user experience, increase efficiency and engagement in the loyalty program.

Wordpress and Shopify integration

Most of our current and potential clients are using Wordpress and Shopify, as the most popular CMS to manage their online stores. To connect our solutions as quickly as possible, we have developed integration modules for these systems, which enables connecting and configuring our solutions within a matter of minutes.

Multifunctional access to the user’s loyalty dashboard

This is a tool to increase user involvement in the loyalty program. It works on any e-commerce platform and serves for quick user access to their wallet, showing the balance and allowing to get notifications about the earned points or new promotions.


A platform where anyone can get discounts for their purchases in various online stores, and get cash back in BIT tokens. Our marketplace presents offers from RentalCars, the world’s largest car rental aggregator, and the other world’s coolest online stores — DressLily, Zaful, ChicMe, and many others, with a total audience of over 300 million users.

View offers at

Referral program

Launching an affiliated network or a referral program for an online store has never been easier. Loyal users can earn rewards and passive income by building their own networks and recommending goods or services to their friends. Since they are the users of the shop or service in the first place, their efficiency is much higher than any traditional advertising sources.

Product demo

BitRewards Mobile apps

We have developed advanced mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, where users can earn and spend BIT tokens in online stores where they made purchases. Unfortunately, the issuance of the apps was delayed, due to the internal rules of Apple and Google in respect of cryptocurrencies. We continue negotiating with them and hope to share the good news with you soon.

Check out the apps at

AirDrop Premium

Everyone in crypto knows what “airdrop” means, right? BitRewards team solved the main disadvantage of this service — a large number of freeloaders who do not benefit the project. The result is a new product AirDrop Premium. This traditional ICO airdrop can now also be used for the real world businesses.

The difference from the classic way is to use more expensive, but efficient channels, such as offline conferences and publications in the media. The mechanic itself requires users to study information about the company and answer questions, or make other actions. Therefore, a more interested and engaged audience is attracted, who will interact with the product.

Article about the successful AirDrop Premium campaign

What’s new in January

In January our team has continued to work hard and ready to show the new achievements.

Referral program 2.0

We updated the referral program, significantly improving its stability, adding new features, analytics and improving conversions.

A significant accomplishment is a partnership with the largest e-commerce platform for Small and Medium-sized businesses in Russia — InSales. Our solution has been successfully placed in InSales marketplace, and there have been announcements on the blog and the official youtube channel.

InSales app is available at

«Bargain» widget

We are continuing to work on the toolkit for instant user motivation and conversion rate optimization. «Bargain» widget — a unique tool on the market. It uses gamification to attract and engage with users: if the person is not ready to buy because of the high price, or some other reason, the «Bargain» widget asks the user to name a price, at which they are ready to transact.

Demo of the widget

What we do now

«Roulette» widget

Another gamification tool is the roulette, which gives a «lucky spin» attempt to the user, rewards them with a discount or a special offer and collects contact details. This tool is one of the most requested by our customers. BitRewards system calculates when a user tries to leave the site and offers them to have a spin for free and win a prize. As a result, we retain the user, increase sales and engage to bring them back to the store later.


Bloggers have tremendous potential, but implementing them into the marketing can be very difficult and expensive. We have been researching and testing different ways in this niche for several months. As a result, we found pain points and a chance to launch a new product in this market.

The main problems are the high cost of top bloggers, and the difficulty in selecting and managing them — a lot of resources can be spent on this. We found how to solve these problems using artificial intelligence, which will automatically choose bloggers, evaluate and control the execution of tasks. We also managed to cut prices by half using micro and nano bloggers.

Shopify App

The development of the ready-to-use app solution for Shopify — one of the largest CMS is nearing completion. Revenue of the top solutions in the Shopify marketplace reaches $1M per month. BitRewards plans to occupy the niche in this market and continue to work on it since this area has excellent perspectives. The primary audience is small and medium-sized businesses, who can’t afford expensive solutions.


DAO is a decentralized system for voting of our contributors for strategic and tactical decisions of BitRewards. We plan to develop a system where the owners of BIT tokens will be able to vote for the proposed solutions, which will make it possible for the token-holders to influence the project’s development.

Rewards and loyalty SDK for iOS apps

We adhere to the lean business development principles and develop new features only when we know there’s a market for them. We’ve been receiving quite a few requests recently to implement BitRewards solutions in mobile apps. To this end, we started the preparing of the iOS SDK, so that any business can use our solutions through their mobile apps if it’s applicable for their business model.

Improving the sales process

We have already developed a large set of tools, and at the moment we work on the task of building the best sales department to sell these remarkable solutions. To do this, we have developed a set of principles, hired highly qualified consultants and began the work on streamlining of all sales processes. Business procedures, policies, scripts, KPIs — these and other things at the moment are one of the top priority for the company.

Future plans

Out-of-the-box solutions for e-commerce platforms

We’ve made deep research on different CMS marketplaces, and we strongly believe that we have a good offer for this market. Various BitRewards tools will be remastered to work as standalone out-of-the-box apps for the top CMSs, and the first product for Shopify CMS is coming to the final stage of development. The plans are to package all the tools in the CMS-ready format and sell them through this powerful channel.

Partnerships and tapping Asian markets

Asia is our target market for the future because of its hyperactive growth and strong demand for technology. Recently, our BD and product team has been engaged in active business development in Asia, securing lots of beneficial partnerships with prominent investment firms and retailers in China, Korea, and other Asian countries. We have already planned to run several experiments with them, which will help us achieve a new level of recognition and business potential.

Testing New Products

We continue to explore new markets and opportunities, setting BitRewards products up to respond to global trends and challenges. One of the most promising breakthrough directions that we are actively exploring is reputation marketing, which we are processing through the combination of our tools for micro-influencers and affiliated programs. People who are active networkers can advertise their favorite brands for free. Many brands and businesses are keen to leverage it, and in the future, these two worlds will connect. Our tools have been designed with this vision, and we pursue developing the most efficient business model, which will bring new value to our customers, their users and BitRewards with its supporters.

Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency. Bringing rewards on blockchain to shops & shoppers. Working product, team of 20+, 5 years on the market

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