BitRewards’ new partner: Jur — blockchain business dispute resolution platform

BitRewards is glad to announce a partnership with Jur — dispute resolution platform. Jur is a blockchain based hybrid utility token that will allow users to create contracts, escrow funds, and resolve disputes online.

BitRewards — reward and loyalty platform — will reward Jur clients, who use their services and comply with the terms of contracts, fulfill their financial obligations and achieve high business reputation, with BIT tokens.

In the short term, the Jur platform will provide service for various simple arguments such as depositing payments for a performance marketing contract that guarantees meeting clear KPIs. The team plans to develop a platform which allows users to create an ecosystem of specialized hubs to deliver rulings on more complex disputes.

Today, contracts work as a backer of business relationships. However, when it comes to violation of the agreement by one of the parties, it takes a lot of time and efforts to seek justice in the courts and arbitration and come up with good resolution. Current policies and regulations of business relationships are outdated and too complicated. We live in the era of modern technologies which can improve any sphere of our lives.

Jur believes that their system will solve business and other disputes much faster and in a more straightforward way. Any time a contract dispute over a contract arises, both parties to the dispute propose a way to resolve the conflict. People who own JUR tokens can vote their tokens on the resolution that they believe is the fairest, or chose to abstain from voting.

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