BitRewards product seminar in Vietnam

The BitRewards seminar in the Vietnamese financial megapolis Hồ Chí Minh gathered almost 100 people from 6 different nations.

The e-commerce business is booming in Southeast Asia and Vietnam in particular: last December Bain, a well-known consultancy company, estimated that the region had 200m digital consumers — people who bought goods or services online — out of an adult population of 405m. Vietnam accounted for almost 20% of those.

There’s nothing more fascinating than talking to the supportive and passionate group of people sincerely interested in your product. Some of them took the stage and explained some details about BitRewards, which was much welcomed by the audience.

BitRewards is equipping the merchants with the premium set of tools, which will increase their revenue by double-digit figures. And the software, which usually costs thousands of dollars a year will be offered free of charge.

In our business series, we have already touched the question of business development in Southeast Asia region. The seminar is basically laid in this strategy to bring the idea of blockchain-based rewards and loyalty to local merchants and to find the common ground for cooperation.

The passion was heated up by a lottery with a motorbike as the main prize.

The session continued with a technical workshop on the remarkable features of BitRewards and a friendly dinner with a group of ardent supporters.

The team is planning to organize even more workshops and seminars about the BitRewards platform in the upcoming months. We are moving global — stay tuned for updates!

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