BitRewards Road Show: New Horizons

We are delighted to announce that the soft cap has almost been reached! It is absolutely certain that our platform will overhaul the loyalty market, and that’s why we are continuing our roadshow to tell the whole world about the possibilities that BitRewards offers.

Our CEO and CTO are planning a series of events in different parts of the globe in the near future and we strongly recommend that you attend and ask any questions you may have.

The first stop is Seoul and Blockchain February: a mega-event supported by TokenPost, the No1 crypto-media outlet in South Korea. This is a monthly conference for promising blockchain projects, bringing together participants from around the world and allowing everyone to understand the main ways of development and application of technology in the future. We are happy to be among the 100 participants, so if you want to see us: come at 7pm on February 26 to 508 GS Tower, Gangnam-gu. The event will be held in the conference hall on the 25th floor.

The following day (February 27), our team will stay in the city and go to a Private Investors Meetup: a closed event sponsored by the biggest local Korean Crypto Community and Seoul Blockchain Association, the main organization for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in South Korea. The association includes such well-known companies as Coinone, The Loop and Dayli Financial Group, Bithumb, Moin, Streami, Coinplug, Adamco and many others.

Then we are off to Tokyo, where we recently met with respected representatives of the crypto industry. On March 1, at a closed symposium, our team will introduce BitRewards to representatives of the Japan-Russian Cryptocurrency Association (JRCA) and Gracone Inc. (known for organising Blockchain conferences and investor meetups). Also, a number of meetings with representatives of the local crypto community are planned, we will let you know about the details at a later stage.

We really see the vast potential in the Korean crypto community and so on March 3–6, in Seoul, the BitRewards team will participate in d10e — the Leading Conference on Decentralisation. d10e has been championing decentralisation and blockchain based entrepreneurship for years. This year, d10e has lined up a number of experienced professionals: Nick Cowan, Founder & Managing Director at Gibraltar Stock Exchange, Galia Benartzi — Bancor COO, Ruslan Gavrilyuk, TaaS CEO and many others.

This time we opens new location for our roadshow — it will be Taiwan. On March 5, we have been included in a shortlist of events for high-ranking ICO projects organized by Blockcamp, who organise roadshows and conferences for high-ranking ICO projects. What makes this event stand out is its focus on quality of attendees, rather than quantity. As such, the attendance is made up of 45–70 heavy crypto investors, each of them individually invited by local partners who have their own investors list.

Later on, BitRewards is attending private crypto events in Beijing on March 7 and in Shanghai on March 9. During the events, the team will meet with teams from other ICO projects, as well as with opinion leaders in the crypto industry to speak about the potential of a blockchain loyalty platform in Asia. Since the events are of a private nature, we can not disclose details regarding the organizers and participants. However, this does not mean that there will not be photos: keep an eye out on our social network pages.

On March 14 in San Juan (Puerto Rico) the BitRewards team will be participating in another event from d10e. This time around it will be a pitch competition for blockchain projects. Our CEO Alexander Egorov will pitch BitRewards platform to well-known crypto experts.

Within a month we will be back in the country of the rising sun to take part in the Teamz Business Summit. BitRewards will be one of the 10 projects who will pitch to investors, the media, and a large audience on March 22 in Tokyo. It’s a global event that connects exceptional startups with top investors from China, Japan, and the US. The exact location of the event will be announced at a later stage.

BitRewards is a project with global ambitions; we are in constant search of new partners, and also sites where we can explain our vision of blockchain-based loyalty platforms. As such, the World Blockchain Summit in Nairobi, Kenya on March 22–23 is something we see as a great opportunity to attract investors from different countries, including African ones. The event is supported by the Blockchain Association of Kenya, whilst some government representatives are going to attend the event as well.

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