BitRewards website updates

Nov 16, 2018 · 2 min read

As a result of rapid growth, BitRewards team has shifted the focus to product lines. BitRewards has already released a mobile application, a referral widget, floating and cumulative cashback and integrated motivational tools. Currently, we are actively doing research and preparing several more products for the needs of e-commerce. In this regard, we decided to update our sites. We have two official domains and and we present the information on them as follows:

It contains the information regarding the ICO. We have released a short version, leaving the most important blocks. We will keep it up to date and continue to share updates in the development of BitRewards. The full version also remained available. You can get there from the home page of

Here is the information directly related to our products and solutions. Now we have temporarily set up a landing page, but a fully functional version for business, which we need to conduct marketing campaigns to attract customers, is in the active development.

In the same domain, we create subdomains if necessary. For example, we have, where the product GetReferrals is presented. And also — the BitRewards marketplace. It has offers of merchants who give cashback for purchases in BIT cryptocurrency. In the near future, we will add a section with partners, where you can buy discounts and products for BIT cryptocurrency.

Be careful! Only these sites contain reliable information about the BitRewards company, as well as in our social networks.

Join us on Telegram:

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