How and Why BitRewards Evolved From GIFTD

Over the last few years, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have taken off. With the ability to set-up and launch ICOs, more people now than ever can support innovative ideas, new products and services.

While this sector has been innovating, evolving and growing, the team behind BitRewards were growing GIFTD, a loyalty and rewards platform for e-commerce brands and their customers. During the last five years, our platform has worked with hundreds of online retailers, helping them to generate an extra 17% revenue, on average, through loyalty and reward incentives.

GIFTD makes it easier for retailers to win and retain new customers. Through various tools retailers can access, they can help their existing customers tell their friends and family about them on social media, offering them seamless rewards they can use to earn discounts and other promotional benefits.

Benefits of using GIFTD

#1: Improve conversion rates

On average, e-commerce conversion rates are 2–3%, with cart abandonment at 69%, according to recent studies.

Retailers invest heavily to acquire this traffic: Now they need a way to retain the attention of visitors and encourage them to spend more.

GIFTD is the solution. Our motivational marketing tool offers incentives, at the right moments, to web visitors to encourage them to stay, complete a purchase and spend more. Elegant, unobtrusive and intelligent: Our solution integrates with any website and e-commerce platform. Retailers have full control and can pause, increase or reduce the offers, to ensure that motivational promotions are tailored according to business needs and live marketing campaigns.

#2: Encourage brand loyalty

Encouraging loyalty is not an easy game. After the recession, customer loyalty dropped for brands in every sector. For many, that reliable loyalty has gone for good. Instead, savvy customers are more price sensitive, expect more from brands, and compare prices on a regular basis.

Marketers have to work harder to keep engaged customers happy.

Loyalty and rewards are an effective, proven way to increase the customer lifetime value (CLV) and amplify the network impact of active social media influencers.

#3: Generate organic, warm inbound leads

With GIFTD, e-commerce retailers can amplify organic reach on social media without advertising, while increasing repeat sales 20%.

Give customers an incentive for referring retail and e-commerce brands to friends and family. Make it easy for them to promote retailers website or landing pages, with customisable gift cards and promo codes.

Tens of thousands of consumers are using our referral marketing tool right now to promote brands across the world.

GIFTD includes dozens of other customizable tools that retailers can use to increase revenue, including Digital Gift Cards. All of our tools are proven, used every day by hundreds of clients, and an asset to companies that want to improve conversion rates and brand loyalty.

We are applying those same tools in the world of crypto, with the added benefit that consumers can earn rewards in BIT tokens that can be spent with retailers (either the one they earned them from, or another in the marketplace network), converted into another form of crypto-currency, or fiat currency. Best of all: For e-commerce brands, they get all of the tools they need to improve conversion rates and ROI from loyalty schemes for free.

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