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Listing on HitBTC: opinion poll results

Jun 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Last week, we announced an opinion poll dedicated to BIT token listing date on the HitBTC exchange. The vote was initiated because of the turbulent situation in the crypto markets, as well as due to the requests of quite a few community representatives about the postponement of the listing.

Originally BitRewards team had planned the listing to happen in the middle of June, but since the market has been extremely turbulent over the past six weeks, and entering exchanges in such depressed times bears high risks of the negative token price development, the poll was used to ask if the date should be delayed.

We observed a very good response rate on the question, which shows that the time and the reason for the matter that we wanted to bring forward raises a great deal of resonance within our community.

We have received 789 votes. 71% of participants voted in favor of postponing the date, and 29% voted for the immediate listing.

BitRewards team sincerely thanks all the community members for the participation.

We are passionate about creating a real product with a clear business vision and benefits for both the retailers and their customers, who will be able to receive rewards in the cryptocurrency for their purchases, inviting friends and other custom actions. Since we are focused on getting tangible results for our clients, partners and our community members, we appreciate the opinion of the community and fully support the decision to postpone the listing on the HitBTC exchange.

However, our team can’t disregard the concerns and complaints expressed by the community members, who want to see BitRewards tokens on exchanges as soon as possible. That’s why it was decided that the listing on HitBTC will take place in .

BitRewards team always tries to make substantial decisions about our project development in alignment with the opinion of our community. It is a principled position since honesty and trust are of great importance under the current volatile market conditions. We sincerely thank our valued community members for the participation and support.

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