Motivational Marketing Platforms: How They Boost Online Retailers

For retailers, there’s no denying the importance of consumer loyalty when it comes to boosting sales figures and retention rates.

Attracting, keeping happy and ensuring customers come back is the magic concept so many retailers fail to find the recipe too, resulting in having conversion rates as low as 3%.

Managing digital marketing can be a tedious task many smaller e-commerce business owners don’t have time for, nor do they know enough to tackle effectively, perhaps explaining why 254–500 small-medium businesses only have a basic understanding of SEO (Higher visibility 2017).

A recent report from Bain & Company found that a 5% boost in customer retention could generate an increase of up to 95% in profitability for your business, accentuating the influence effective marketing can have on revenue.

However, having an efficient system to synergise the various aspects and provide tangible benefits is so often what businesses miss. At GIFTD, we found that a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that includes referrals and a loyalty scheme is too much to handle for most e-commerce owners, so we created a powerful platform to ease the stress and prove there’s method to the marketing madness.

Motivational Marketing Platform

GIFTD is a multi-channel loyalty and rewards platform, focussed on driving sales through incentivising consumers and implementing referral techniques. With an array of smart algorithms, the system collects rigorous consumer data allowing for the delivery of precise, personalised offers and messages. Through a range of plugins and widgets, GIFTD can drive repeat sales, diversify target markets and boost consumer loyalty — all of which help e-commerce retailers flourish in a competitive environment.

GIFTD is proven to always earn you more than its cost, eradicating the risk factor associated with putting your marketing in the hands of others. Furthermore, we provide you with affordable analytic tools that were once only accessible to large, global companies for an expensive price tag. Smaller brands can now compete with the big names.

With a trusty, tech-obsessed team, we have developed a comprehensive set of beautiful solutions to achieve the results on any website. AI predictive analytics have been tipped to revolutionize consumer loyalty programmes, so we have incorporated them into the system to monitor user activity.

Through tracking engagement, GIFTD can reward consumers with discounts, promotions, points and gift-cards, offering customized benefits to appeal to a range of demographics. In addition, the system keeps working around the clock. GIFTD has a variety of different solutions, all tailored for different purposes, so here are two powerful features we recommend you start with.

Referral Tools

We live in a world where your online reputation could be your strongest asset or your biggest liability. According to Bright Local, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, so encouraging positive word of mouth about your business is evidently key in attracting customers.

Our referral tool utilizes a link-following concept, that can grow your business recommendations 6x, spark positive social media conversation and increase your repeat sales by 20%.

How does it work? — Post purchase, a special widget will appear which allows users to publish your gift card on social networks. In doing so, they get a discount/promo code which can be redeemed immediately or in the future. After clicking on the link, their friend is directed to your site and receives a pre-applied discount, encouraging a domino effect of sales. 65% of marketers agree that link building is the most difficult tactic to perform (SEO stats report), so this approach can help you conquer the competition.

Smart Motivational Tool

Website visitors, especially when visiting from mobile devices, don’t spend long looking for what they want. Typical traffic conversion rates for e-commerce stores are 2–3%, which can and should be increased, otherwise you’re effectively burning money to attract people who don’t want to buy, or aren’t viable potential customers.

Many consumers do not like popups, with a survey from Search Engine Land uncovering that 68% of users would block a site due to pop-ups. We agree with them — it’s difficult to create a well-made tool that doesn’t make people click away from a website. That’s why we released the Motivational Tool. It reflects your site’s and customers’ uniqueness, but more importantly, it evaluates your potential customers and offers them discounts relative to your business needs.

How does it work? — A potential customer is offered a bonus or discount, dependant on the product in their shopping cart and display time algorithm is applied automatically. The discount is active for a limited period of time, incentivising the customer to purchase imminently. If the customer wants to take the discount with them for future use, they have to input their contact information and will receive reminder emails with the list of their selected product/other products potentially of interest. Due to there being no need for a registration process, you can receive customer data quickly and efficiently.

Hundreds of e-commerce retailers have found that sales jump at least 17% after using these and other tools on the GIFTD platform. Combining these results with a crypto-currency loyalty platform will give these and many other retailers the chance to boost online sales even higher.

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