The Release of the BitRewards MVP and Upcoming Goals

The BitRewards team is fascinated to announce that the MVP is ready!!!

We installed blockchain Ethereum in the loyalty program and tested it on the Ropstein network as well as the main Ethereum network. We also launched a loyalty program to give away BIT for purchases and useful activities at the demo-store. Currently, we are installing it on the first test merchants.

MVP Functions for Merchants

In the merchant account, stores can manage their BIT and ETH. In addition, they may customize rewards given for useful actions, offer discounts and special offers in exchange for BIT, customize the terms of BIT for customers. Merchants can also get the latest information about loyal customers and their transactions.

Any store can integrate BitRewards with just one API method.

It is technically feasible for every merchant to reward his clients for any action, such as watching a video, reading articles, writing reviews, their unbirthday, etc. We’ve made BitRewards as flexible and customizable as possible.

MVP functions for customizers

Customizers can receive cashback for their purchases and the purchases of their friends. They earn BIT as a reward for useful activities, spend BIT on buying discounts and special offers, view balance, spend existing BIT-tokens or withdraw earnings to their regular Ethereum-wallet.

Wait. What’s next?

The first thing is we plan to implement the purchase of BIT by merchants on right inside the BitRewards system. All customers and merchants will be able to exchange ETH to BIT, without a stock exchange. Merchants will be able to receive a starting balance with BIT-tokens for a subscription to a special tariff plan, paying it with a normal bank card. Quite honestly, working with cryptocurrency has never been this easy!

We will give the opportunity to earn BIT for useful social activities such as sharing posts, liking on Facebook and following on Twitter. In this way, stores can attract new visitors.

It is very important to tell visitors about new features and the added value of the loyalty program with cryptocurrency. With this in mind, we designed a special widget to access the loyalty program. With the help of notifications, the store will be able to display information about bonuses in cryptocurrency and bring in visitors for participating in the loyalty program.

All these functions will be available in the next month.

In addition, in June we launched the development of a mobile wallet purse application that will be ready immediately on two platforms: iOS and Android. The most active members of BitRewards we will receive a special offer! Wait for upcoming announcements 😉

For the next two quarters, we plan to achieve the following goals:

  • The BitRewards marketplace with special offers from Amazon, AliExpress, iHerb and other popular stores with cashback in cryptocurrency;
  • System for collecting and analyzing behavioral data and managing users;
  • The application for Shopify and WiX;
  • A voting widget with an award in BIT tokens for reviews.
  • Intelligent notifications and a system of returning customizers, built on data on user behavior,
  • The first version of DAO,
  • The system of awards and smart product recommendations based on artificial intelligence.

Keep tabs on our updates. BitRewards never stops working in the field of R&D. We are always on the lookout for new products that can completely change the scope of loyalty!

Find out more about BitRewards at our site BitRewards.Network

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