Extra minutes on hobby plan!

We’re very grateful to the community using Bitrise and most of all to those who contribute to our service. 🖖 We know that you also spread the news of Bitrise and we’d like to return it somehow to our Hobby plan users. They would (understandibly) increase their build time, so we decided to create a referral program to give them a free chance. You’ll get prizes for each friend or colleague you invite who uses Bitrise, which include additional build time (maximum +20 minutes) and a cool Bitrise t-shirt on top. 👕

Minutes add up 🖐

You’ll be granted an additional 5 minutes when a user you invited have added an app and run at least one successful build. With four referrals you can extend your build time to the maximum of 30 minutes/build. For the fifth, you’ll get the tee. Your invitees and their progress will be displayed on your referrals page where you can see how far along they are.

All you need is love! Nope… your URL

To start collecting the extra time find your unique referral URL on the upper right corner of Profile / Referrals page. Share it with your friends or colleagues on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook or simply via e-mail.

🚀 Happy coding! 🚀