Bitrise account security got even stronger!

We’ve introduced three security enhancements concerning logging in to Bitrise so that your account will be even safer. 🔒

1. Only strong passwords are accepted from now on

If you create a new account, change or reset your old password, you’ll need to choose a password that will match a set of requirements:

2. We’re protected by reCAPTCHA

We’ve added reCAPTCHA to our login page. It will be activated after the 3rd failed login attempt. This will eliminate bots too. (Not Bitbot, naturally.)

3. Lockout after 10 failed login attempts

If you fail to login 10 times, you’ll receive an error message and an email with a link to unlock your account.*

* Oh boy, it was quite difficult to get myself locked out with reCAPTCHA giving more and more difficult and pixelated puzzles. 🤣

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