Nebulas Bi-Weekly Development Commits #58

Mainnet Development

Integration testing of NBRE

  • We Finished onchain NR implementation, introduced cross-platform floating algorithm library Softfloat from Berkeley.

Ecosystem Development

  1. NRC-20 support via the Web Explorer is released

We have released the support of NRC 20 in Nebulas Explorer. For each NRC 20 project from the community, we provide a dedicate NRC 20 page, holders distribution, transaction search, account search, etc.

2. Community can now submit their NRC 20 project to NAS nano

As requested by the community, we now released a page for community developers. Developers are able to submit their NRC 20 project through the page. Your token would be listed on NAS nano after verified and confirmed by Nebulas team.

Apply here

3. NAS nano and ATP are working collaboratively on the integration of on-chain advertisement

Nebulas and Atlas Protocol (ATP)are working together on the integration of on-chain advertisement. We will released it soon, please stay tuned.

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