bitsCrunch Media Grants Program

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Project Overview:

Establish the bitsCrunch Media Grants Program and train the first group of interns to take charge of it.

Mission: Innovate new possibilities for content creation about NFTs

Vision: To empower NFT enthusiasts about the utilities of bitsCrunch’s products.

Project Length:

  • 50 days
  • Start: May 16th, 2022
  • Ends: July 5th, 2022

Mentor: Aryan Jain, Shree Laxmi & Deepak Kumar

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What is the Problem or Opportunity?

The bitsCrunch Media Grants Program is for blockchain and NFT enthusiasts to meet, share ideas, and advance their community. The plan of this initiative is to create a dedicated crew, who will be educated on how to create awareness, and maintain a productive, safe NFT environment for the community.

The core of the program is to educate the community about the nuances of the NFT ecosystem. At bitsCrunch the focal point is not only at the surface level information but includes the deeper challenges plaguing the ecosystem such as wash-trading, assessing the fair value of digital assets, identifying digital art forgeries, etc.

The focus of the program is to convert research on NFTs into digestible and engaging text, audio and visual content. Thus, helping all the digital asset enthusiasts to become familiar with the thriving NFTs, invest wisely with thoughtful approaches, and achieve overall excellence along the way.

Why now?

In a recent couple of years, the Metaverse has found rapid expansion. Due to this, there is a huge vacuum for talented individuals with the technical expertise to work in the Web3 space that is spearheading the technology keeping NFT enthusiasts and their investments safe.

Now is the time to recruit and train a team of enthusiasts who could leverage the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the NFT world, explore their advantages, discover their pitfalls such as wash trading, plagiarism, bootlegging, understanding how to evaluate new NFTs in the market, and help share their knowledge with their fellow members of the community.

Such initiatives are aimed at widening the knowledge base of people investing in digital assets while also contributing to expanding the marketplace on the whole. The grant program aims to contribute more to the NFT ecosystem as part of the bitsCrunch group.

Functional Roles:

Video Editor/Animator:

  • Has to evaluate audio and visual material, and organize clips in a streamlined fashion using video editing software.
  • Splitting or combining video footage, adding suitable sounds or graphics, and checking the finished film for flaws before submission.

Graphic Designer:

  • The role includes the process of identifying visually representative needs.
  • To create new concepts, and produce graphics, such as illustrations, logos, layouts, and photographs.
  • Retouch and re-work designs as per requirement.
  • Adhere to the guidelines of the company and complete projects on time.
  • Capable of utilizing various graphic design software and working with a wide variety of social media.

Host for AMA & Events:

  • As a host of the event, the primary responsibility is to manage guests at banquets, ceremonies, conferences, and parties.
  • Understanding the audience and presenting the information to them in the right manner is a goal set for the Host of the event.
  • Event hosts need to involve themselves in the planning and organization of events and ensure that everything operates seamlessly on the day of the event.
  • The responsibility extends to greeting visitors, answering queries, and coordinating with support staff.
  • Many AMA hosts employ various online platforms to host virtual events and it becomes important to share such work with all the members of the community.

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About the Selection:

Schedule Date:

Call for Submissions: April 21th, 2022

Submissions Close: April 30th, 2022

Last day for interviews: May 06th, 2022

Selection Date: May 09th, 2022

Offer Acceptance Date: May 11th, 2022

Project Kickoff: May16th, 2022

What is the End Goal?

The program aims to create awareness of the NFT industry among all digital asset enthusiasts and help them improve their investment choices. The program aims to contribute to the NFT landscape on the whole with meaningful relationships across the community.

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