Partnership Announcement : bitsCrunch X MarvelousNFTs

2 min readMar 2, 2022


bitsCrunch is very excited to announce our partnership with MarvelousNFTs, a blockchain digital assets and DApp development firm.

As we all know, washtrading is frequent in the gaming space, thus, bitsCrunch and MarvelousNFTs have partnered to build a high-performance and secure gaming environment — BAD DAYS (fun interactive Game). This relationship will allow bitsCrunch to participate in discovering deep insights on the gaming platform, which could help both the organisations and the NFT ecosystem.

bitsCrunch products combined with MarvelousNFTs:

Scour: An AI agent that acts as a watchdog to flag spoofing transactions that manipulate the price and volume of assets within the NFT ecosystem. Through Scour, bitsCrunch will be able to detect washtrading in the marketplace.

“We are thrilled to partner with MarvelousNFTs!
As we all know, the BAD DAYS series was a huge hit,and we’re excited to offer Bad Days DApp our next-generation AI-powered digital security services to help them create a secure gaming environment in their ecosystem.
I am sure that our cross-chain products will find resonance with new & existing projects alike”.

— Vijay Pravin Maharajan, bitsCrunch CEO

We are delighted to welcome bitsCrunch to the MNFTs ecosystem. We are grateful for what bitsCrunch is doing in terms of acting as an NFT ecosystem protector. Bad Days users will now be able to secure their digital assets with bitsCrunch’s cutting-edge AI-powered services. We’ve added another key partner to the MarvelousNFTs ecosystem with this partnership”.

— Damian Rolvink, MarvelousNFTs CEO

About MarvelousNFTs

MarvelousNFTs, a blockchain-based digital asset and DApp development firm that uses blockchain technology to distribute collectible digital and gaming assets, was founded in 2020. “BAD DAYS,” an entertaining interactive Game Dapp that allows players to create, own, collect, breed, sire, combat, and play limited edition digital assets.

About bitsCrunch

bitsCrunch is the Guardian of the NFT ecosystem. It offers buyers and sellers potential tools like Scour, Crunch DaVinci, and Liquify, to identify digital wash trading, asset forgery, the true value of assets and such more value addition to the ecosystem.

Yes, bitsCrunch’s securing services can be integrated in any of the NFT marketplaces with a sense of protecting the authenticity and provenance of the artists and the NFT assets. Also, bitsCrunch keeps you posted on all the latest NFT trends and updates on UnleashNFTs — Launching Soon.




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