Bounty Campaign

There are 2 Bounty programs in


All users who are active member of can take part in our bounty campaign. If you are not active member of, You can create account with the link-

1 YouTube Bounty

Make a video review of the and upload it on YouTube..

The bonus is $10 — subscribers 100 to 1000
 The bonus is $20 — subscribers 1001 to 10000
 The bonus is $100 — subscribers 10001 to 50000
 The bonus is $500 — subscribers 50001 or more.

Video Bounty Rules

1 Your YouTube account has to be older than 1 month.
2 Your YouTube account has to have not less than 100 Real subscribers.
3 Your YouTube account and all publications should be publicly available.
4 Your Video Should be only about (Investment plan, referral, representative commission, how to make deposit and withdraw etc)
5 Your Video should be at least 3 min long or more.
6 Your Subscribers count should not be hidden.
7 The description of the video must contain the “” or “Bitshell- One month Paying Project” keywords. and telegram chat group link —
8 Put your referral link to the project in the description.
9 Your video can not be removed/ edit/ once published.


Make a article review of the and upload it on blog/website.

The bonus is minimum $10 USD per article. More Alexa rank will attract more amount in this bounty.

Article Bounty Rules

1 Article can be the text review about with minium 150 words.
2 Your blog/website should be old more than 2 month. 
3 Article should contain keywords — “” or “Bitshell- One month Paying Project” 
4 Article should be unique than current available reviews.
5 Article should contain your referral link or Bitshell Banner clickable that leads to your referral link.
6 Article should contain Telegram Group Link-

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To send your results kindly email us with following method.

Mail to :
Subject : Video/ Article Bounty 
Text : Your Username and your link to your video or article blog.

All member should take part in the bounty program and earn even more with Hope you will love our bounty program. 
It is not mandatory for everyone to join in bounty, To join or not is on users choice only. All the rewards of bounty will be sent out within 7 days. 
 Bounty winnings will be given directly to the user’s Bitshell account.

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