Bitsta is evolving the digital asset trading experience with an innovative new UI

A new and unique approach to the blockchain digital asset trading experience is coming soon

We’re excited to reveal additional working designs of the Bitsta Exchange user interface! Bitsta Exchange will have a unique interface that makes trading intuitive, easy to understand, highly customizable and accessible to all.

The user interface is being developed by a highly experienced team guided by actual trading experience. The goal is to create an intuitive and extremely easy to use and accessible interface that is highly customizable by the user. We are doing away with many of the frustrating and confusing features you may have seen elsewhere.

Bitsta Exchange will include dark and light versions that you will be able to easily toggle or set one as the default at all times.

UI EXAMPLES — Light Version

  1. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Selecting your Digital Assets
Selecting your Bitsta digital assets

Customize your experience by selecting the assets you want to display. The menus are simple and functional. Note how favorites are grouped together and can quickly be selected for viewing. You can also display one asset multiple times with different options open in each panel for the ultimate trading display.

2. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Four Assets Selected

Four assets selected in single view — LTC, ARK, XRP, ETH

Four assets are selected and displayed with the top asset tiles enabling you to hide any of the assets with a click. Each asset panel has multiple menu tabs for quick access to desired actions including buying or selling the asset or changing the chart display type.

3. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Two Assets Hidden

Two assets hidden, two assets in display— note the faded tiles for hidden assets

With two assets hidden (note the faded asset tiles) the visible asset panels are enlarged and can be customized. Switching back to viewing all is as easy as clicking on the faded asset tiles.

4. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Up to Nine Assets Displayed

Nine digital assets displayed in one Bitsta trading display

Bitsta can display as many as nine assets in a single display. Each asset panel can display a different chart, order book or any of the other tab options available for each panel, making Bitsta a powerful tool for professionals. Each panel and tile is clearly marked with the asset ticker symbol and icon for immediate ease of recognition; no double checking if you’re viewing the right ticker symbol for a given asset! Alternatively, all icons can be hidden and only ticker symbols displayed.

5. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Expanded Asset View

Bitsta expanded asset view — highlight one asset from up to nine displayed with one click

A single asset panel can quickly be expanded to full screen view with a single click on the expand button in the top right corner of the asset panel. Once expanded, the detailed display includes the asset data (movement, volume, last price etc.), changeable and customizable asset chart, order book, trade history, your trade history, your open orders, order fills, your asset balance, your portfolio balance and extensive asset trading options. Clicking close in the top right corner returns you to the multi asset panel view.

6. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Trading Options

Bitsta Digital Asset Trading Options

Each asset panel has easily and quickly accessible trading options with extensive order types. These enable powerful, fine grain, trade control and include Limit, Market, Stop Limit, One-Cancels-the-Other, One-Triggers-the-Other, One-Triggers-One-Cancels-the-Other. Bitsta order types are controlled by time frames enabling further refinement of each of your trades and include: Immediate, Cancelled, Good Until Cancelled, Good Until Date.

7. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Easy Trading Pairs, Favorites, Search

Bitsta trading pair display, search and favorites functionality

Clicking Open New Asset in the top horizontal menu bar opens a powerful searchable menu. Clicking on Favorites and then searching for a specific asset, LTC in this case, displays that asset and updates the main assets below with data about if the selected asset trades with any of the main assets.

8. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — More with Extensive Info

Bitsta asset panel “More” tab

Clicking on the More tab in any Bitsta asset panel opens information about your asset holdings, overall portfolio and converts the asset value to the currency you have set your account to. This is powerful as most users find asset value given in their local currency much easier to understand than value in another cryptocurrency (how much is 0.04324 BTC today?). To add to that, asset total value, movement and last trade price, is tracked in the trading pair as well as converted to your preset currency (USD in this example). At launch you will be able to choose from at least 32 currencies.

9. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Extensive Chart Options

Bitsta candle chart example

Bitsta offers extensive chart options that are easily switchable on the fly and customizable with additional information.

10. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — More Extensive Chart Options

Bitsta shaded line graph example

11. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Extensive Chart Options

Display moving averages chart option selected

Example of further information (moving averages) displayed with a candlestick chart.

12. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Smart Actions

Bitsta Smart Actions for quick and easy digital asset trading

Note the “Buy ETH” tab in the panel on the right hand side and the values displayed in the Stop and Limit fields. Those values can be quickly obtained and automatically inserted by clicking on the red or blue icons on the right hand side of Stop and Limit entry fields. ETH amount, if using your entire balance, can be easily entered by clicking on your ETH balance (if any) in the Balance panel above. Quick selection percentages (10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) will also be available at launch.

13. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Customization

Variety of digital assets and viewing options per asset in a single Bitsta display

Another example of the powerful, yet easy to understand, Bitsta display of a variety of assets in a variety of options and chart styles.

14. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Grid Layout Customization

Choose the grid display option that best suits you — up to nine assets displayed in a single Bitsta Exchange display!

Bitsta is controlled by a grid that can be further customized and your choice saved as the default. You can then choose which assets take up more of your Bitsta display. You can also display one asset multiple times with different options open in each panel for the ultimate trading display.

15. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Asset Panel Trading

Trade multiple assets in a single display — trade up to 9 at once!

You can trade any asset immediately in Bitsta by clicking on the Buy or Sell tab in any asset panel. Notification icons hovering above tabs will inform you of any messages or open orders.

16. Bitsta Exchange Dashboard — Favorites

Bitsta Favorites folder contains valuable information and ability to quickly view and any or all of your assets

Clicking on Favorites displays all of your favorite trading pairs and their price, including in your selected fiat currency, 24 hour change and 24 hour volume.


Early pre-beta Bitsta Exchange user interface demonstration by lead design developer


Bitsta user interface and user experience design (UI/UX) team is lead by an experienced web designer with over a decade of experience in creating impressive modern front-end applications. Specializing in creating a rich user experience, the team knows that good used experience entails much more than simply making sure an application is viewable on all devices. Each device requires its own feature set accessible in a way that fits that device best. The team is adept at creating interfaces and user experiences that far exceed the initial specifications. Most recently they have built the front end and back end platforms for several companies generating revenues in excess of 100 million dollars.


Bitsta Exchange user interface and user experience is built on the ReactJS and Bootstrap frameworks. Bootstrap is utilized for the grid system and “mobile first” focused responsive design while ReactJS is utilized for the frequently updated views (e.g. asset charts, order book etc.).

Both technologies are highly robust and very well supported and allow Bitsta to stay at the forefront of modern user experience.

Visit us at and register for new updates as they are released. Bitsta Exchange development is on currently schedule and final testing may be ahead of schedule.