Connecting Joule to Remote LND Node

Lightning Joule is a very exciting LN browser extension built by Will O’Beirne. I finally wanted to give it a whirl myself. However, my node is not running on the laptop I wanted to try it on, and so I ran into TLS issues with the LND REST API when attempting to connect remotely.

When I tried to connect, I got the following error:

Request failed with the message “all SubConns are in TransientFailure, latest connection error: connection error: desc = “transport: authentication handshake failed: x509: certificate is valid for, ::1, [more local IP addresses], not””

To fix this, I stopped LND and updated the following line in the lnd.conf file:




Then I deleted the tls.key and tls.cert files so they would be regenerated on LND restart. When I restarted, everything connected just fine on my private network.

If you are using another app using the cert files such as Zap, be sure to update those as well so it can continue to connect to your node.

Hope this helps if you run into the same problem! Please let me know if I unknowingly doomed my node security and put my satoshis at risk of total pwnage.

If you want to get up and running with BTC/LN the fast and easy way, check out Pierre Rochard’s Node Launcher (tutorial here).