Tillamook Super Premium Ice Cream

Whether or not you consider ice cream a summer-time treat or a year-round joy, Tillamook’s new super premium ice cream flavors are sure to please you.

As an Oregonian, I’m very familiar with Tillamook’s products (cheese, yogurt, ice cream, assorted dairy deliciousness). I’ve often visited their cheese factory and headquarters located on the coast in Tillamook, Oregon. For the summer, the Tillamook County Creamery Association recently opened an ice cream shop in downtown Tillamook. The new storefront features all of their flavors, new treats like Tillabars and Tillamookies, and the wonderful new super premium flavors. I’ve yet to make the trip up to check out the new shop, but I have enjoyed the many new flavors that are available in a number of grocery stores locally.

I rarely follow companies on Twitter, but Tillamook’s Twitter feed is exceptional. They post a variety of recipes and tempting pictures of food. Currently in the summer season, they’ve been posting lots of ideas for jazzing up their ice cream, though I hardly see how it could be better. Unless it was free. Which sometimes it is! They also update followers on the whereabouts of their traveling ice cream van throughout the Northwest region.

So what’s so special about Tillamook ice cream? Specifically these 14 new flavors? Basically they took their regular ice cream — already delicious, made from the best natural dairy, fruit, nuts, and often locally sourced ingredients — and they turned all of that goodness up 1000 notches. Among the 14 flavors are a variety of gelatos, custards, and extra-creamy ice creams. (Only a few of which I haven’t tried yet.)

via Tillamook’s Twitter

So far my experience trying these new flavors has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only are the majority very tasty, the experience of eating them is literally an overwhelming joy.

Oregon Marionberry Cheesecake Frozen Custard has become my favorite. The fresh, local marionberry flavor in the jam swirl is enough to bowl over anybody. It’s tart and sweet and so classically summer in Oregon. Then the mascarpone custard is beyond creamy; it’s how I imagine the essence of clouds, silk, and a sprinkle of sugar would taste. And graham cracker crust bits! This custard is everything you need to cool you down and warm your soul.

I haven’t had the same ecstatic response to all the flavors though. I was a little disappointed when trying the California Peach Cobbler Frozen Custard. While all the ingredients were good and it was a fine treat, there really wasn’t enough peach-ness to make it feel like I was eating a peach cobbler. At least, not in the way that the marionberry cheesecake flavor feels like eating a marionberry cheesecake.

Tillamook is dedicated to their use of natural products and only providing the best in flavors and ingredients. In their variety of selection, it’s impossible to not fall in love with one or six of them (or all). I would highly, emphatically encourage you to look out for these new treats. In addition to Marionberry Cheesecake, I find their Salted Caramel Toffee Gelato to be tasty beyond belief! Trying these new flavors has made me feel like a kid again. I have been searching the ice cream aisle and hardly able to resist when I see them.

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