Blockchain SCAM Alert!

Bittrace SCAM ALERT!!

Hello Everyone, Am Anonymous & not Hacker nor Badass. Today in this blog I will be going to tell you One of the big scams is happening in the world of Blockchain by Link ->

Bittrace Logo

Firstly Don’t invest on there website! they are 100% Fake People with the fake portfolio. I Repeat Don’t Think to invest or support them they are doing a big scam & misleading people like you in the name of Blockchain.

They are just playing with a number in the name of token BTRC. They even not have an ERC-20 Token nor they were registered on Etherscan website. They were just misleading and promoting their website on the fake & cheap website. They are just playing with the numbers nothing else for BTRC.

Just ask them if you have purchased any token then where is the Trnx. ID of that transaction? why our transaction is not visible on Etherscan? why their token is not listed on Etherscan? Why you did not get any private or public key to manage your tokens?
Below are the proof that BITTRACE is a fake company!
BTRC is for BittrainCoin Token nor BITTRACE
BTRC trnx history!

They even don’t know the ERC-20 is an Ethereum token standard, not a FRIENDLY WALLET *as mention in their website! LoL 😜

Now let's talk about there free template & their website Z Plus security which they had developed from the old school student.😂

Easily added a post in their Blockchain website.
Video To demonstrate you there Z+ security on the admin panel

Easily anybody can enter in the admin panel & get all info third category security & website panel guys, no security nothing! But wait!!!! You cannot do anything because they are a fraud & not real, they just playing with the numbers so can’t hack them or there fake BTRC token.😜

**Final words

I am not A Hacker & I don’t want anything from you nor from Bittrace. Just want to let you know Be Alert This is a big Scam & stay away with them. Don’t Trust them there false promise or promotions. Now its high time their SCAM should be revealed to the worlds & their Fake company should be closed & down for misleading people & wrongly using the Blocckhin for there profit.

If you had invested in there token ask them for a refund & just spread this post to save other people money. Now around 30,000 users have been registered themselves don't know how much money they had been looted from there user. So spread this news & stop alert other people.

Thank You — Anonymous