Meeting Home Minister in 9 Hours: Good Governance in India

Sh. Rajnath Singh Addressing Media

Disclaimer: I am not a member of Bhartiya Janta Party, I also not belong to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, and I am not a Bhakta (synonym given to people talking about good governance by twitteraties), Neither BJP has paid me to write this. Article 19 (1) (a) of the Constitution of India guarantees to all its citizens the right to freedom of speech and expression. Including expressing Positive thoughts as well. So, please don’t include these in your comments. 😀

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is celebrating three years of their Governance. In these three years, they have taken important decisions for the country, including but not limited to Make In India program, Demonetisation, Goods and Service Tax reforms, Jan Dhan scheme and other important programs like Startup India. Today, Sh. Narendra Modi also dedicated the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge to the Nation, a major infrastructure project with multiple benefits for the Northeast.

The question is, have the things changed? Is there acche din as promised by Narendra Modi in 2014 before coming to power? Let’s see, from a 22 Year entrepreneur point of view.

In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless. — Aleister Crowley

We met Sh. Rajnath Singh in 9 Hours

Being Home Minister of India is one of the busiest jobs in India, one can imagine — in the country with the population of 1.3 Billion, there must be tons of workload on a leader heading a department controlling Border Management, Internal Security, Home Affairs and Administration of States & Union Territories.

But thanks to the change in leadership a twenty-two-year entrepreneur can meet Home Minister of India without any references and share the problems he is facing.

In a country where, even MLA and MPs were unresponsive, Home Minister has now time to address concerns of ordinary people.

We had issues with a department of Home Affairs and was not getting satisfactory answers. Guess what? My Co-Founder Narendra Kumar took an appointment to meet Sh. Rajnath Singh, unlike the earlier scenario before 2014 when it took fifteen to thirty days, even to meet an MLA, we were given an appointment, and Nine hours after requesting appointment we were discussing our problem with Sh. Rajnath Singh. To which he listened carefully and helped in resolving on priority.

You can now register your Company in One day!

The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranked India 164 in 2014 and this year the rankings have jumped to 130. On an average, it took two-seven days to reserve the name for a company and another five days to complete the incorporation formalities and then there were cases where you even have to wait for months in just getting name approval.

In April 2014 Ministry of Corporate Affairs proposed reforms that allow anyone to register a company in one day! Impact? You will see Improvement of India rankings in the World Bank’s EDB table and huge relief to budding entrepreneurs of the Country!

Plus, all government departments now co-operate with entrepreneurs. Programs like startup India is providing Tax benefits to startup and other critical elements required to survive in highly competitive markets like India.

Our Government Now cares for Citizens in need

Gone are the days when you had to literally visit multiple times government offices for even simple tasks like getting a passport. In addition to dealing with major international crises, you must have seen of Smt. Sushma Swaraj going a step ahead always and sorting out the problems of many individuals online, without any fuss or fanfare.

Have you seen anything like this? Before, 2014?

Salma Begum and Uzma are not members of the RSS. They are also not from Hindu Community. But yes, they are Indian citizens, labeled as pro-Hindu in election campaigns by the opposition you can clearly see how our leaders are not differentiating the governance between majority and minorities.

For Sushma, Uzma is daughter of the country 😀

*So much noise about secularism, these days.*

And did you forget this tweet from Jon Williams on Yemen Crisis?

Change is not limited to a just few Ministries

Have problems in your train journey? A single tweet guarantees quick action.

Who is responsible for making this change? Who is creating Confidence in Investors for this country? Who is fighting for single Citizen in International Court of Justice? Well, you know the answer.

IMHO, We are moving towards citizens first attitude in government, and we can expect great things in the coming years.

My Final Comment for Government — Lot of work done, Lot more to do, Keep Shining!

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