Work Smarter Not Just Harder

Sometimes it can seem that no matter how hard someone works in life that they can’t do anything to get ahead. We can work 7am to 8pm every single day of the week and still not get anywhere. Other times we may feel like we stare at our computer screens till we go cross-eyed but yet feel like we get nothing done. However, the entire problem may be that we are going about it in all the wrong ways. The more hours we work doesn’t mean that we get wealthier. Some of the most successful, wealthy people out there are not the ones that work a 70 or 80-hour week. They are the people who know how to use their time in the wisest ways. They make their time count, and they know how to strike a balance between their work life and their other responsibilities.

The point being that you have to live with yourself every day, so take time to do things you love. If you are so miserable that you can barely focus on your work, is success and wealth really worth it? Some of the most successful people try the following to help learn that balance and create someone you can live with every day:

Exercise & Meditate:

Exercising releases positive an endorphin called adrenaline. This adrenaline gives you a boost and helps your mood. It helps you feel better and gives you more energy than you would have if you were to not workout. It’s recommended to aim for a minimum of 30–60 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity at least 4–5 times per week if not every day. In addition, at least 30 minutes of total body strength training 2–3x each week or more should be included. Keeping your body healthy and happy can help keep your mind healthy and happy as well.

Meditation is also another great practice that can help bring some peace of mind during a stressful day. The best times of day to meditate for most people are in the mornings and at night. Dedicate 10–15 minutes each morning and evening to meditate. Practice proper, deep breathing techniques to help you relax and focus on your day and start and end on a positive note. It’s that investment in yourself that Bittu talks about!

Get Off Social Media at Work:

It may sound ridiculous but while you are at work actually work. Spending time on social media can detract from the time you spend actually getting things accomplished. You may not even realize how much time you are spending on social media. By logging off social media at work you are respecting a strong work atmosphere, and also getting actual work done. The more you get done in a shorter period of time the less time you have to spend at work! The more time you have to do things outside of work, which can lead to a lot better work-life balance.

Work on Creating a Routine:

Get yourself into a routine each and every day. It may sound simple, but it helps you be the most productive you can be. You get used to what you are doing and spend less time trying to decide what to do when, and more time doing it. It can become somewhat automatic allowing you to spend more time doing and less time trying to decide what to do with your time. Your time after all is valuable make the most of all of it that you have!

Pursue Passion:

This one is pretty simple. Engage yourself in things you feel strongly about! If you do not love what you do every single day is going to be a drag. While no job or pursuit is perfect, if you feel a passion for it you are going to be doing a lot better while working towards it. The more you put into it the likely you are better to do at it. The better you do the more likely you are to be successful at what you do. It’s simple: pursue something you enjoy!

Wake Up Early at the Same Time:

It sounds ridiculous on the surface but try to set as consistent of a schedule as possible. Automating your internal clock can help your body know when to regulate itself for rest and when to regulate itself for being awake. Studies show you will sleep more soundly at night when you go to bed and wake up at a similar time each day. That means having more energy to get things done throughout the day. On the weekends, it’s OK to vary a little bit but try to keep bedtime and wakeup times within an hour of what you do during the rest of the week.

Prepare for the Upcoming Week:

Setting aside a few hours on Sunday night to prepare for the week ahead helps you start the week a step ahead. Whether it’s cooking meals to take for lunch so you eat healthier or selecting outfits for the week so you’re not rummaging through your closet 5 minutes before you run out the door get everything organized ahead of time. It helps you have less on your plate during your most stressful and busiest days in the middle of the week when you just want extra time to relax. If things are done then you will more time to do just that when you need it most!

These are some ideas to help develop the habits of successful people. If you want to make the most of your time these are some great steps to start. Remember that being successful doesn’t mean working more hours or running yourself into the ground to do it. It means having a plan and attacking that plan with precision and confidence is the best way to go. When things don’t work out as they sometimes won’t simply adjust the plan and keep moving forward. Again, you have to live with yourself every day, so make sure you are someone you can live with. If you are working 14+ hours a day and are constantly stressed that’s not someone you want to live with every day! Let yourself have some slack and relax a little by making the most of the time you already have!

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