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Before you invest to cryptocurrencies

Newbies of crypto community are in bad mood for the last 4 months. Everybody started to talk about the end of cryptocurrencies and all that FUD really looks funny. If you compare crypto prices what they were a year ago, and one more year ago, we have a huge grow — now the market must accumulate. We still don’t see any reason to be scared and step away from the market.

Don’t and do

It is just the beginning of something new, nobody knows what will be in the future and what prices of crypto will be. Just we are sure, that most of great ideas and technologies are going to stay here for years.

If it is your first 6–12 month in crypto world, you shouldn’t be worry about huge price swings. We have cycles in crypto market, it is normal, we still have lots of scam, which made and will make negative impact for crypto market and prices.

Don’t buy crypto if:

  • your friend told to invest and you don’t know nothing about the thing you’re going to invest;
  • you didn’t do any research about the coin;
  • it is the money which you can’t lose;
  • you borrowed the money to buy some crypto;
  • you don’t know the purpose or the term you’re invest.

“Buy crypto” strategy

If you are ready and would like to join to crypto world for the first time, we have simple strategy. Do crypto market research and pick up 2 coins (or as many you believe and you think it will rule the world in the future). Of course, you want to earn from the price changes, so you have to be smart and do your own plan. So, you have to know how much you’re able to invest, when and for how long. Let’s say your budget to buy cryptos is 500 euro for 2 years period. Divide that sum into at least 5 steps:

  • 1st buy. Buy 2 coins for 75 euro each — total 150 euro;
  • 2nd buy. You only buy 2nd time when the worth of 1st buy increased 100% (or 200%). Buy 2 coins for 75 euro each — total 150 euro;
  • 3rd buy. You only buy 3rd time when the worth of 2nd buy increased 50% (or 100%). Buy 2 coins for 50 euro each — total 100 euro;
  • 4th buy. You only buy 4th time when the worth of 3rd buy increased 50%. Buy 2 coins for 25 euro each — total 50 euro;
  • 5th buy. You only buy 5th time when the worth of 4th buy increased 50%. Buy 2 coins for 25 euro each — total 50 euro.

It is long term and could be profitable plan. It is not financial advice and you must understand that investment to cryptocurrencies are still in high risk and the value of coin prices can change very quickly. If you think to invest, you must do as much secure as it is possible.

You can buy 15 different coins on Bitupex exchange:

Also, don’t forget to create secure wallet to receive and store your coins. Most secure is to hold on paper wallets or hardware wallets. So, before do your own research and choose your secure coin wallet.

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