European cryptocurrency exchange

3 min readMar 12, 2018


My name is Bitupex, I am European cryptocurrency exchange which will help you to exchange your cryptocurrency to Euro and Euro exchange to cryptocurrency with low fees.

First of all, I’ve chosen to speak as a person, because actually i am a person, just behind the name of the company. So, I’m gonna tell you the story of why I was created, what are my goals and how I could be your friend in crypto world.

I was Born..

I was created in Europe, in two different countries — Spain and Lithuania. Those two countries are very different, one is huge and one is very little, but that little one have very strong tech, crypto and blockchain background. So, my story begins in those two countries and expands to all European countries. Cryptocurrency exchange was created for Europeans, but then i thought, why I have to block myself from the rest of the world? So, in the near future it will be available for all the world countries citizens.

Bitupex — European cryptocurrency exchange

Bitupex was created because of crypto mania all over the world. The need of exchange with fiat (Euro, USD) is extremely high. Many people are still waiting for their accounts confirmations and major cryptocurrency exchanges which are making millions of dollars per day are sleeping and demonstrating totally disrespect for their clients refusing to answer to the tickets for over 4 months.

Bitupex is different, I am different. I am surrounded by many smart people and huge team who cares fast support and high quality services. You will never wait for months to get an answer, you will have best response and low fees forever. It is my business ethic here and everywhere.


My main goal is to become respectable and smoothly exchange services offering provider. At the moment I am able to exchange cryptocurrency to Euro or Euro to cryptocurrency with couple hours delay, depending on how fast I will get a transfer from you. But my dream is to become P2P online cryptocurrency exchange offering realtime exchange services.

Now, with Bitupex v.1 I’m helping to cash out or cash in with Euro. So everything is still manually and your currency will be exchanged when I will get your order and transfer. On Bitupex you can buy not only Bitcoin or Ethereum, but many other popular coins as well, like Tron (TRX), Cardano (ADA), IOTA, EOS, Ripple (XRP), Litecoin, NEO, DASH and many more. I am adding new coins as fast as I can.

Bitupex v.2 will be released with real time P2P cryptocurrency exchange. How cool it will be?


So, I’ve introduced myself. As you see, I am honest and open cryptocurrency exchange with specific purpose. I would be glad to help you buying or selling cryptocurrency. It is very easy, just go to, register there, confirm your account, make an order, transfer your Euro or crypto and that’s it — I will exchange your currency as fast as i can. Just try me and tell me what do you think.

Thank you for meeting and knowing me better. I hope we will be friends for long time. See you soon?