It is good time to buy crypto

Is it right time to buy Bitcoin or other crypto?

3 min readApr 16, 2018


Last Thursday (12th April), Bitcoin price went up from €5460 to €6540 (or $6800 to $8100) just in 1 hour. All crypto market filled up in green and coin market capitalization grew up from €210b to €260b very quickly.

Bulls’ run gave us faith that market will go up and return to the previous highs, but we still must be careful because of possible cruel bear actions.

Bitcoin forecast (April)

You shouldn’t go into Bitcoin all in at the moment, but you have to be prepared. We are still in downtrend, but now we are in decision phase: “to the moon or not to the moon”. It is always good time to buy Bitcoin if you are long term investor, but we still are able to see some significant movements.
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TOP 5 altcoin choices by Bitupex (April)

  1. Cardano (ADA)
    A IELE testnet will be launched in April. Formal details will be announced shortly about the testnet, which will give potential users the ability to experiment with IELE smart contracts.

    We are launching a testnet version of IELE on the Ethereum Mantis client so that developers and the wider community can test and evaluate our implementation of smart contracts. The aim of the testnet release is to receive feedback on the IELE virtual machine and smart contract functionality. A specific toolset to support developers will be provided with this testnet launch.
    The availability of a testnet will enable developers to test smart contracts and familiarise themselves with how they work before deploying them to the mainnet. This private test network can be used to test out code and discover any integration issues early on. Feedback can be gathered on usability to help us to make improvements where required at an early stage.
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  2. Stellar (XLM)
    Jed McCaleb (CEO of Stellar) will be doing a fireside chat on 19th of April with BayPay forum on the past, present and future of Stellar.
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  3. Ethereum Classic (ETC)
    Ethereum Classic will release Beta of Emerald Mobile Wallet and will Disable difficulty bomb in the end of April. This will be huge for ETC and might be for it’s price too.
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  4. NEO (NEO)
    Neo Europe Tour in April will cover Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Vienna and Zurich (April 16–26). Also, NEO will be listed on Cobinhood.
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  5. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    Be prepared for Bitcoin Cash hard fork which may happen in May. Also, we all know what Roger Ver and friends can do with the Bitcoin Cash price.
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This isn’t the financial advice, we just reviewed the situation about most promising TOP cryptocurrencies in April. All investments to crypto still are in high risk.