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Algo trading, a field that is as complicated as it sounds

Algorithmic trading is basically instructing a computer program what to do in certain situations. It has triggers and conditions and a constant data stream that feeds the algorithm with all the information needed in order to make decisions and execute orders.

The Bitwolf Capital engine has a clear and concise trading procedure that allows it to trade safely and return regular profit with minimal losses.

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As you can see in the image above, everything starts with market data which is then processed by our engines and executed onto the exchange.

The algorithm is constantly developing, being optimized every day and always looked after, we do not leave our algorithm run by itself because even a minor bug can result in a loss and basically we really like to apply Warren Buffet’s rule number one (“Don’t lose”) even if sometimes it can happen in short periods of time. …



BitWolf is a platform in which the world’s finest trading strategies are implemented for the benefit of the investors.

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