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1 min readDec 24, 2018


It’s clearly known than the fluctuation of the market caused problems for investors and startup projects, for solving these problems our team offered a dynamic price based on the formulas of the Market Cap.

BIW has a unique selling and pricing system that has never been implemented in the cryptocurrency world at all. In many projects, for a token price, a specific USD, Bitcoin or ethereum price is set.

BIW Token Pricing system:

Pricing is based on the market cap (Total dollar value of the entire cryptocurrency world)The price of each BIW token calculate as follows:

0.0001 of market cap price divided into the amount of BIW tokens (33,000,000)

We have a variety of discounts on sales that apply to the final price.

Importance notice:

33,000,000 available tokens for sale but the moment we reach 20,000,000$ sales will be stopped. Remaining tokens will return to Funding & Rewards pool.

Ultimately, those who buy earlier will be rewarded more ‌with BIW tokens and who buy at lower crypto prices get our token cheaper.

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