What Are Some Key Features of BitWorld?

As a hybrid system, BitWorld has a unique operating system, combining the best features of both decentralized and centralized exchanges. The master nodes make it simple for anyone to launch, and there is an open client source code, as well as an open master node source code. The BitWorld system can handle 1 million transactions each second, so there should not be delays due to large volumes of trades. BitWorld also claims to deliver “100% security” by verifying all transactions with the decentralized nodes. Token holders can easily download a detailed report on all the transactions within the system, making it possible for anyone to verify them.

What Cryptocurrencies Does BitWorld Support?

As mentioned, in the beginning, BitWorld will have support for the top ten cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, NEO, BTG, DASH, ETC, USDT, and BIW. Then, users will get to decide which tokens are added to the system. The voting system will factor in account turnover in addition to the quantity of BIW tokens available. There is no risk of driving upvotes since all users can see detailed reports on every vote in real-time.

What Benefits Do BIW Token Holders Get?

The team behind BitWorld encourages contributions by listing a few key benefits for BIW token holders, including 100 percent dividend revenue. There is also an affiliate program that has the highest allocations and a white label solution for launching platforms. BIW holders can access the WebSocket and HTTP API for trading mechanisms, and there will be trading bots built right into the platform that works with various algorithms.

What Are the Token Holder Dividends?

One of the biggest benefits for BIW token holders is dividends. Remember that BitWorld holders get dividends on the full 100 percent of platform revenue, which is divided up proportionally to the number of tokens a holder has. This included platform revenue includes paid votes to add new coins, payments for launching BitWorld’s white label solution, premium accounts, paid services, and transaction fees.

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