World First “Trade Divided Mining Grade Cryptocurrency Exchange” Announced For BITWOEX ICO

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2 min readJul 30, 2018

Press Release : BITWOEX ICO is a platform that’ll bring virtual currencies and block-chain assets to the masses via an exceptionally designed user-friendly interface and simple to understand trading technology. The Platform is introducing a functional token (BWX), which will be applied to help allow beginner investors to gain while they trade applying major technical indicators, Analytics, community plans, big data, automatic trading bots and fundamental analysis.

The pioneering approach to trading something that’s not presently found in the fragmented crypto exchange, also, consumers will be capable of unlocking premium functions and receive enormous discounts on various charges by utilizing token on the BITWOEX platform.

Trade Divided Mining Grade Crypto-currency Exchange Announced for BITWOEX ICO

BITWOEX is the world’s first divided mining grade virtual money, and Block-chain assets exchange focused on security, simplicity, and sustainability. The BITWOEX empower consumers to become more gainful in the trading procedure. This unique approach is something not presently avails in the Block assets exchange space. At BITWOEX exchange, their aim is to make trading actions on the BITWOEX extremely simple to know and execute.

By utilizing simply to understand profit taking plans and risk management, the BITWOEX platform will cater to novice financiers but remain offer functions modern enough for institutional financiers as well. The platform will include integrated deal signaling for entries as well as for exits, analytics and important trading data, simple trading BOT features and a lot of more.

With these extremely powerful features, consumers will turn out to be more gainful and learn as they go without missing options that they might not have otherwise verified and taken benefit of it.

If you had a plan to invest in such a remarkable platform then BITWOEX is ideal for you now for further details about the platform please visit following links:

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