Beginner Guide for Bitcoin Mining

Apr 5, 2018 · 3 min read

For a beginner, it’s very important to have a good knowledge of the task you are going involve yourself. While browsing throughout the day I realize there is very few information given related to the bitcoin mining. It’s necessary to understand bitcoin and also the terms associated with the digital currency (bitcoin). To know their importance and how they are used and when you have to read this article. Bitxoxo has every answer to your question.

Let’s get introduced to one of its parts and its peculiarities.

What does the term bitcoin mining mean?

Have you ever thought from where does this currency (bitcoin) generate? As we all know it is a virtual currency that circulates everywhere on the web. You can buy, sell and takes it for a gift card that works globally. The answer to your question is a single word that is “mining”. Yes, bitcoin is mined that involve some method. The bitcoin is mined by the miners and serves as both generating new bitcoin and to add a transaction to the blockchain.

The miners who solve the complicated puzzle first get an opportunity to place its block on the blockchain and for each new block, the miner claims and receives a reward. The rewards are a bitcoin which is given to the miner and include its incentive of mining, transaction fees and for newly released bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Mining is Secure?

Bitcoin is a free-flowing currency that does not govern by any authority or a central government. In brief, it is a decentralized currency. Anybody who uses the internet well and has a good knowledge of hardware with the high-speed internet connection can begin with mining of bitcoin and become the miner.

The bitcoin mining is well secured, as it is a decentralized currency it makes decisions depending on consensus. That is, if there is a conflict regarding the block to be added or not into the blockchain, the decision will be taken with the majority. The mining power goes with the greater majority consensus.

In the case where a company or an individual have the large proportion of bitcoin network’s mining power, then they get the authority to corrupt the block chain using their power. This process of controlling and damaging the blockchain applying the mining power is known as 51% attack.

The cost loss from this type of attack on blockchain depends on what quantity mining power was concerned with the bitcoin network. This indicates the protection of the bitcoin depends on the miners engaged for the mining power. The earning of the miner straightaway depends on the mining power that is used in the network. The incentives block releasing reward and the transaction fee enclosed within the value.

Bitcoin Supply and Block Reward

Block reward is the amount that is given to the miner in a form of reward for every new bitcoin created with each block mined and added to the blockchain. There is no limitation in mining a bitcoin. It can be released every hour with each new block. The quantity of new bitcoins produced per block is estimated to diminish geometrically, with a 50% reduction every 210,000 blocks.

The first block added to the blockchain was referred to as Genesis block in 2009 released by Satoshi Nakamoto. And that was the first time the block reward was awarded that was 50 BTC. Within the year 2014, it was 25 BTC. From then it is decreasing and reached to the 25 bitcoin, which will be cut half soon from 25 bitcoin to 12.5 bitcoin. It is believed that the halving in the reward bitcoin will be reflected somewhere in the middle of 2016 when 420,000 blocks are presumed to be mine.

Transaction Fees

The transaction fee is calculated with the bitcoin while transaction from one to another address. Basically, it is given in a form of reward to the miner with every new (bitcoin) block that is produced successfully. The miner has the authority to assign the fee to himself for every new bitcoin released. As the entire data for the transaction including block and transaction fee is managed by the miner of bitcoin. The incentive is given as a reward also works as a motivation for the miner to stay attempting to come up with the new blocks even though the worth of the block isn’t abundant or zero in way future.


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