BCH gonna hard fork, you wanna both? BiUP gives you Both!

To prepare for the upcoming hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BIUP is going to stop BCH withdraw and related trading support at 00:00:00 Beijing time on 11th November 2018. Support for BCH deposit will be stopped at 23:00:00 Beijing time on 15th November 2018.

We are going to have big campaign events only for BiUP BCH holders:

Event 1: Any user who deposit BCH in BiUP before 23:00:00 Beijing time on 15th November will get the same amount of BSV airdrop in BiUP account.

Event 2: From 11th ~ 15th November 2018, we will host roulette games in the front page, if you are lucky enough to get the highest prize, your deposit mining rate will be doubled.

<Event details>

1. One day after stopping BCH withdrawal support, BiUP will airdrop the same amount of BSV into a user’s account. If you do not want to get BSV, please withdraw BCH before the deadline.

2. For the roulette event, the reward ticket will boost only the deposit mining rate for BCH and BSV. The ticket will have effect for only a day and the annual return will be recalculated into a day’s rate and your extra mining returns will be based on this.

3. Deposit ming return will be deposited in the form of BCH and BSV the next day before 17:00 Beijing time.

4. BiUP will hold the right to adjust the event rules, because the realist of BCH hard fork is uncertain at the moment.

<Roulette event rules>

1. The rate shown on deposit boost ticket is based on annual return.

2. Deposit books ticket only has effect on the day you obtained it.

3. Every user has two chances for the roulette game each day, and only the higher rated ticket will be effective for BCH and BSV deposit mining.

4. Deposit mining will be based on the remaining amount of BCH and BSV at 24:00:00 Beijing time.

5. The deposit ming result for this event will be given the a user in the form of BCH and BSV the next day before 17:00 Beijing time the next day.

For example if a user get 60% and 80% deposit boost ticket on 13th November and he has 58 each for BCH and BSV, then he will get 58 X (80% /365) = 0.127 BCH and BSV at 17:00 Beijing time on 14th November.