New Updates on BiUP

Dear community BiUP members~~Here are some updates on BiUP’s project progress.

(1) Web BiUP to be released!

Thanks to our users for waiting! 
 BiUP web browser version is set to be released in the middle of November 2018. We will also include the much anticipated “Blockchain Game Support-beta” in this new update.

(2) Updates on Fee & Annual return

Since the release of BiUP in August this year, our users have been very enthusiastic in mining UPB through various activities.

So far 42,060,000 UPBs were mined through “Deposit Mining” and 38,660,000 UPBs were mined through “Trade Mining”.

With regard to the upper limit of UPB reserve to be released each year, BiUP will adjust “Deposit Mining” and “Transaction Fee Discount” policies as below:

1. Annual return for Deposit Mining will be adjusted to 15%.

2. Transaction fee will be adjusted to 0.1% of the trades asset and 50% of the transaction fee will be returned in UPB.

3. Free transaction fee promotion for trading volume within 1 BTC will be ended.

*New polices above will be effective at 00:00 Beijing Time on 14th November 2018.