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Skycoin made a lot of strides at the recently concluded chainxchange conference in Las Vegas .

The 3-day conference was held between the 13th and 15th of August 2018.

The conference which featured a line-up of entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, artificial intelligence (AI) specialists and well-known economic and business figures including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Social Media’s Gary Vaynerchuk, three-time Grammy Winner and Microsoft AI Spokesperson, Common, and Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman, Molly Bloom, Tone Vays, Dr. Matthew Lange, and Tony DiMatteo amongst host of others.
Skycoin was represented by Daken Freeborn (Everybody loves Daken) — Director of Events
Ed Vilderman — Videographer and Marketing Coordinator
Mark Smith — Marketing and Accounting
Lauren Smith — Planning, Support and Online Sales.
The theme of the conference was ‘how would you change tomorrow”

Wozniak passionately shared the story about how his fascination of creating computers (which began at age 8) grew into his role as the creator of the first Apple computer and role as co-founder of Apple. While mostly civil, he made some jabs at Steve Jobs, stating, “That [Steve Jobs] movie, where he came down to the basement and I was coding in the dark, that’s not what happened. I was a king at the [computer engineer]club. He had never been there!” Wozniak has held a paramount importance in pursuing and learning about technology and ideas that fascinate him. Now, he is turning his attention towards blockchain.

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Bloom shared the story of her past- her rise to prominence in underground poker and her fall from grace. She even included the names of two celebrities involved in her poker games: Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio. Following her story, she shared the reflections and insights on the journey, explaining how she had been entirely focused on herself, which fuelled her loneliness. This next time around, Molly plans to focus on efforts that go beyond her, which makes the lives of others better. From there, she turned her attention to blockchain, “I see blockchain as a brave new world, for transparency and accountability against monopoly and corruption… I want to be a part of that.”
Molly Bloom highlighted the importance of meditating and self-work to find yourself before taking on larger initiatives. Vays insisted on maintaining privacy. Wozniak’s words concluded the discussion. He explained his philosophy that happiness is the point of life, which he has boiled down to the equation H = F³, where H represents happiness and F cubed stands for food, friends, and fun. He followed up his equation with simple advice, “Do the things that make you happy.”

Earlier on, cryptocurrency entrepreneur Michael Terpin (who had filed a US$223 million lawsuit against AT&T that morning).

lawyer and philanthropist Robert Shapiro, healthcare angel investor Mary Jo Potter, and Wala CEO Trisha Martinez approached the implications for blockchain across different industries. Terpin spoke in regards to sustainability, Shapiro law, Potter healthcare, and Martinez the global unbanked. With the exception of Shapiro, who is still sceptical of the immutability aspects of blockchain in law, all expressed very optimistic outcomes for the technology in respective fields.

The technological hardware innovation of the conference was the skyminer and it turned Daken into the star of the show as he explained to the audience the usefulness of skyminer in providing the backbone of the skycoin skywire project.

He explained to the audience and numerous admirers of the skyminer and the skycoin project how skycoin is the third generation cryptocurrency. He explained that Skycoin is a very ambitious cryptocurrency project that has a lot of different moving parts. Instead of a single coin, it is actually a whole ecosystem of solutions to problems that the blockchain aim to solve.

It is a complete platform that is powered by Skycoin to perform different functions and contribute to the network of interdependent systems. The foundation of the Skycoin ecosystem begins with Skywire which is powered by the skyminer.

He explained to the audience how blockchain is going to change the Internet.
When the present Internet was created, a few mistakes were made, as they didn’t build privacy on the Internet, they didn’t make payment native to the Internet,
The new Internet that will be provided by skycoin will be global, decentralized, not owned or controlled by any country or corporation and that that is a game changer.

As everyone was interested in the skyminer and how it functions, Daken described the skyminer as the backbone for the Skywire infrastructure or to put it simply “Hardware for the new Internet”.

Skyminers provide computing power, networking capability, and storage capacity necessary for the Skywire network to function properly. Skyminers act as specialized VPNs and nodes on the mesh network that allows users to essentially become their own ISP, granting user freedom to engage with the encrypted network, Skywire.

Skywire, the decentralized mesh-internet, uses this hardware as an access point while acting as a “miner” for processes involving Coin Hours, thus giving birth to the name: Skyminer. Users will pay Coin Hours for bandwidth, and Skyminer operators will receive those Coin Hours as payment. A Skyminer can have multiple hardware nodes in it; the first generations Skyminers have 8 hardware nodes. But 2, 4, 16, 32, and even more nodes are possible in a single Skyminer.

He expanded on the fact that skycoin will be manufacturing antennas so people will be able to plug in an Ethernet cable and then run it up to the roof.
Those antennas will be able to connect peer-to-peer to other sky
Nodes such that all possible paths for bandwidth can be used.
If each cable modem is 100 megabits and you have five neighbours with skyminer and each has a 100-megabit connection you’ll have 500-megabit bits in your house because Sky wires designed to use all possible paths for bandwidth.

With skyminer, you are able to aggregate or do what’s called channel bonding. If you want more bandwidth you just installed more antennas, if you want more computation you just install more computing nodes and if you want more storage you just install more storage nodes .
The skyminer is designed to be a modular platform and eventually designed to be stacked. People are going to be building whole data centres out of these skyminers.
These servers provide the users’ access to the Internet. This forms a second layer of private browsing. The service is cheaper, faster and controlled by the users on Skywire. ISPs do not have control over which content is prioritized.

The Skywire network is private so IP addresses cannot be traced.
Users are also rewarded for providing bandwidth for other users and paid in Skycoin.
He educated the audience about CX, the programming language of skycoin that was designed to be simple enough to learn so that, any programmer with the desire can start building decentralized applications with minimal training, while also resilient enough to tackle some of the more challenging problems associated with embedding applications on the blockchain.

He informed the conference that skycoin was writing a CX programming language books so as to reduce the burden of several companies paying millions of dollars to blockchain programmers who are very few and difficult to find.

He described the skycoin platform or blockchain, Fiber as the foundation of blockchain 3.0 and can be best described as an infinitely scalable network of blockchains laid side by side, like strands. This is a technological feat that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum will never be able to achieve, as they were never engineered to scale infinitely.
With Fiber, each blockchain strand can currently handle 300 TPS with a target of 3000 TPS in future implementations. Fiber offers performance and reliability that are unmatched by the other blockchain solutions currently available.
Fiber achieves this high level of performance due to its elegance. Fiber is less than 5000 lines of code, compared to Bitcoin’s 100,000+ lines of code.
Each company and project hosted on Fiber gets its own fully customizable, private blockchain capable of Visa-like speeds. This enables blockchain solutions for businesses running private or private-public blockchains in a manner that allows them autonomy and full control.

He also used the opportunity to announce to the audience that the skywire testnet is in its third month and skyfleet members have been receiving their rewards since June.
The skycoin project pays our $250,000 worth of skycoin every month to its community members supporting the network and skywire has over 8000 nodes all over the world since its launch.


  1. An Oil and Gas Company with over a billion dollars in asset is in talks with skycoin for partnership, as they want to invest in the blockchain capabilities of skycoin. Name not disclosed for NDA reasons
  2. An e-commerce platform in Asia, a competitor to Alibaba who has 300M users wants to implement Skycoin for accepting payment for countries having limited banking
  3. Italian leather bag supplier is using Skycoin for supply chain tracking
  4. Talks are in an advanced state to use skycoin for casino loyalty rewards. Coinhours very key here
  5. Golang programming language consortium of developers in India to write apps on CX.
  6. Wallet application company with contracts with some of the biggest retailers in the world wants to implement Skycoin as their system of payment.
  7. Pertinent to note that Bill Shihara was at the conference and was extremely impressed with the skycoin team

I have decided to summarize these achievements as I want these to be communicated through the official channels and because there are non-disclosure agreements, I cannot elucidate further
Day three marked the conclusion of ChainXchange.

Throughout the convention, the following themes resonated:
• Regulation is imminent and a very good thing for the community.
• Many (useless) altcoins will not survive, but blockchain technology will undoubtedly bring on the fourth technological revolution.
• There are many implications for blockchain to aid the underserved and bridge global inequality.
• The blockchain industry is here to stay .

I will be updating you on the BLOCKCHANCE Conference Hamburg 2018, Germany on the 24th and 25th of August 2018 in which skycoin will be a presenting partner and giving more details of the above-listed achievements.
What this goes to show is skycoin is in a very good position and the community members should be rest assured they can continue to live the sky life .

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