Physical Skycoin Limited Edition Collectible Coins

Physical cryptocurrency coins have been around for years, but they are anything but mainstream, and there are very few companies involved in this fledgling industry. Some try to appeal to consumers through quality and the use of precious metals, others offer good designs at relatively low prices, while some offer neither.
Every news article about cryptocurrencies has thumbnail images of gold and silver coins with the crypto logos on them. While I know that’s just an illustration, a lot of them look pretty cool and I would kind of like a coin collection to represent my crypto portfolio.

The market for physical coins is limited, and this is a niche for collectors and diehard enthusiasts. Rather than being truly practical, physical cryptocurrency coins are usually marketed as conversation pieces, limited series collectibles or ‘geek gifts.’
The limited size of the industry is a problem, as some firms have already gone out of business, while others never even started shipping their products. Many physical bitcoins and altcoins are limited series affairs, so after a few hundred are produced and sold they simply vanish from the market. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then, while there are some truly spectacular designs, others may not impress most users.
Fraud is another concern, as cases of fake coin sales on online auction sites have been reported in the past.

Based on these assumptions, four veteran cryptocurrency investors came up with the idea of making physical Skycoin collectible coins depicting their favorite cryptocurrency project: Skycoin. They believed that Skycoin is by far the best project out there.
The four of them were deeply involved in Skycoin and had always felt the need to not just own the virtual cryptocurrency, but also have something physical to show our devotion to the project. Through their love for collectible coins, the idea of creating a physical Skycoin Collectable Coin was born.

In March of 2018, they reached out to the developers, and they were as excited about the idea. Thus with their support, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to mint Physical Sky coin Collectable Coins.
The Skyfleet community welcomed them with open arms and with their support we were able to reach our funding goal in record time.

The Kick-starter campaign has since been funded successfully by 104 backers who even unlocked several stretch goals. These stretch goals allowed them to make even more Skycoin accessories such as the Luxurious Satin Coin Pouches and the Skyfleet Badges, which was once known as our “Kickstarter Mystery Gift.”

This project was successfully funded in 30 days.

Since the Skycoin community is so large, they were not able to reach the majority of people. As a result, they got a lot of requests on the last day to extend our Kickstarter campaign period. This was not possible, however, and thus they decided to launch a temporary webshop until all Kickstarter pledges are wired to us from Kickstarter.

The web shop can be found at this link:

Having got funded by 232 percent over and above what they intended to raise in Kickstart, it was time to get to work and show the world what they could do.

Jules, Louis, Thomas and Stephanie (the melloo team) showed they were consummate professional.
They were patient, listened, supportive, highly knowledgeable, highly skilled, and knew the right people to create and actualize a proper physical coin.

They worked assiduously to clear any doubt, worked with the best producers of minting coins, took their time and chose quality over speed as they wanted to deliver a quality product which is perfected to the most exquisite details.
Their continuous search resulted in some extra details to make the project an even more significant experience.
They were in direct contact with the minting factory for the non-precious metal coins. This company has over 15+ years of experience in minting coins with intricate details and based on the prior products they produced the team was confident they could deliver a quality product.

Having raised more money that set as their kickstart target, they decided to reward the supporters with a real show of appreciation.
The packagings of these products were a beauty to behold.

They also made the best logistic arrangements to make sure that these products were shipped, insured and delivered to the recipient in the freshest possible state as it was packaged.
The team put in a lot of work in delivery as it was very complex and contained lots of different sizes and weight. There were occasional bottlenecks, but at the end of the day, the team delivered brilliantly.

Everything was in place for shipping. All orders fully packed and customs papers filled in correctly. Eight boxes were full of packages for happy customers. They double checked orders and had all the right information and prices for the shipments.
Ninety-five packages were sent with this stamp and were to be delivered at most ten days later.
They made their first shipment on the 1st of August 2018 .

Coin Details

Size & Weight

Non-precious metal coins are 5.08 cm (2 Inches) in diameter, 3.5 mm (0.14 Inches) thick, and weigh around 64 grams (2.27 ounces). The image below shows a size comparison of our 2 Inches Collectable Coin compared to the 1-euro coin and half a dollar coin.

Fine Silver (99.9 %) coins will be the same size as a Silver Maple leaf and weigh 31.1 grams (1 troy ounce).

Pure 24 karat Gold (99.9 %) coins will be the same size as a Gold Krugerrand and weigh 31.1 grams (1 troy ounce).


They offer three kinds of collectible coins:
• Zinc (37%) & Copper (63%) with 18 Karat gold plating to give it that smooth mirror effect.
• Fine Silver (99.9% pure Silver)
• 24 Karat Gold (99.9 % pure Gold)
They have enabled a range of pledges to fit your needs.
Fine Silver and 24 Karat Gold coins are provided with the correct certificate to verify its authenticity. They come in a plastic coin capsule and a wooden coin box to protect it from scratches.
Limited Supply
The 18-karat Gold plated Skycoin collectible coins will be limited at 2500. The pure Silver coins will be limited to 100 pieces, and our 24-karat genuine Gold coins will be limited to 20 bits.
Because the team did not want to spoil the design of our collectible coins with numbering, they gave a unique code to each coin. You will receive a certificate for each coin in your order that can be consulted with their database upon customer’s request. If in any case, you wish to trade the coin, your buyer(s) will know exactly which numbered coin(s) they bought.

Measures against Imitation Physical Skycoin.

To make sure that these Physical Skycoin are not imitated and duplicated and to prevent fraudsters from selling fakes to you, the team listened to the community and put foolproof measures to make sure you can verify the authenticity of each Physical Skycoin you possess.
Every coin will receive a uniquely generated code that is linked to the BTC blockchain using This generates a file on the blockchain and a certificate that is sent digitally with your order. These files can be used to verify the number and unique code of your coin.

Digital files can, however, be tampered with, and if anyone would ever make the same coins and gives the same digital files, there could be a dispute about the validity of every coin. Because of this, the team decided to add the digital files for each coin to the BTC blockchain. This gives them a timestamp of the digital file and a certificate that the file is added to the blockchain.
If anyone would ever like to sell or buy one of the limited edition coins they would need to see to it that the digital file and the certificate are passed on as well. These files will be sent to all backers once we finish linking the digital files with the certificates.
On this digital file, you will see a unique code and the number of your coin. A database that contains all these unique codes and the coin numbers if anyone would ever wish to check the validity of their coins have been set up.

All coins will receive a unique digital code that is given to the coin owner and is kept at our database. With this code, you can check the authenticity of your coin. The unique codes are timestamped on the BTC blockchain.

They are using the site to timestamp all of their coins.

However, as a bonus for the precious metal coins: on top of the limited edition hashcode all coins have, the precious metal coins will have a numbering struck in the edge of the coin. For the silver coins this will be in the form of xx/100, and for the pure gold coins, this will be in the form of xx/20.
Yes, the sides are imprinted with the purity .999 and the serial number of the coin. X/20 for the gold ones and x/100 for the silver ones
We believe this numbering in the side will make the coins highly collectible, and will thus be an added value to their beloved backers.
Yes, the sides are imprinted with the purity .999 and the serial number of the coin. X/20 for the gold ones and x/100 for the silver ones.

Also, the molds for the silver and gold coins are also bought after production which means no more coins can be produced after. The precious metal mining company will also embed a small stamp on the edge of the coin to serve as a proof of authenticity.
To produce a coin, you need to have a mold that can embed the design onto the metal surface. If you do not have this mold, you cannot make it.

All coins will be produced in one large batch and will never be minted again. The coins are limited edition, and each collection will consist of only 20 coins for the Pure Gold (99.9%) collection, 100 coins for the Pure Silver (99.9%) collection, and 2500 coins for the Gold Plated 18K collection.

The range of physical Skycoin available for purchase

• 18k Gold plated collectible coin in different amounts
They offer a range of different packages for our 18K gold plated Skycoin collectible coins. These packages include 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 coins. The prices range from €15 per coin to €900 per coin depending on the package

• One Pure silver (99.9%) Skycoin collectible coin

This is a limited edition Fine Silver (99.9%) 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams) Skycoin Collectable Coin, protected in a custom-made coin box, delivered to your doorstep. The coin measures 40 mm (1.57 Inch) in diameter and 2.5 mm (0.098 Inch) in thickness, about the size of a silver maple leaf.
The Silver collection is limited to 100 unique coins, and these will never be minted again.

• One 24k Gold (99.9%) Skycoin collectible coin

Limited edition Pure 24k Gold (99.9%) 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams) Skycoin Collectable Coin, protected in a custom-made coin box, delivered to your doorstep. The coin measures 30 mm (1.18 Inch) in diameter and 2.5 mm (0.098 Inch) in thickness, about the size of a gold Krugerrand.
This is the ultimate package, the crème-de-la-crème for Skycoin believers! The once named “Synth Mystery Gift,” now better known as the Crystal Glass Cube is included as a gift in your order.
The Gold collection is limited to 20 unique coins and will never be minted again!

For the precious metal coins, the team worked directly with a mining company from Antwerp that has the necessary certifications to produce legitimate gold and silver coins, along with the proper certificate. Based on their previous work they were able to deliver a top quality product.

Each coin will receive a unique randomly generated code that will be coupled with their database. If you would ever plan to resell or buy this coin, the unique code must be sold together with the coin.

On top of the collectible coins, the webshop will also have three additional products, featured in their Kickstarter campaign:

The Skycoin enamel (badge), previously known as “the mystery gift.” You’ll feel like a true Skycoin Ambassador wearing this. It’s a perfect conversation starter. The badge measures 7 cm (2.75 Inch) in wingspan and comes with a double pin-system to wear it wherever you go.

Every badge is packaged in a luxurious black & gold satin coin pouch printed with the only Skycoin cloud logo.

-A marvelous Crystal Glass Obelisk, which measures 30 cm in height and 6 cm wide. A tribute to the obelisk consensus algorithm. The coin design is laser engraved into the center of the obelisk along with the sentence: “A dream, not just for the privileged few, but for everyone.”
The team was in direct contact with the producer of the crystal glass and personally supervised the process of embedding the coin and the design of the laser engraving.

This Obelisk comes down to €399 and is ensured up to €550, with track and trace.

-The Synth package mystery gift, which was given to all 24K gold coin pledges. It is a crystal glass cube with the same details as the obelisk — great addition for any home or office desk.
The cube measures 5 cm (2.04 inches) on all sides and suits perfectly on your office desk.

The coin design is laser engraved into the center of the cube along with the sentence “A dream, not just for the privileged few, but for everyone.”
This package is insured up to € 500, track and trace enabled and needed your signature upon delivery.

All American orders will be shipped with priority shipping from the United States in a bubble wrapped protective envelope or box. All European orders will be shipped with priority shipping from Belgium.

Fine Silver and 24 Karat Gold coins are fully insured requiring an adult signature upon delivery. Your order is not your liability until the parcel is signed for and taken into your physical possession. There will be a track and trace for each of these precious metal orders, so you know where your package is at any given time.

The Obelisk will be fully insured and comes with a track and trace as well. To make sure it arrives in one piece we bubble wrap it, use a triple wall box and fill the empty spaces with foam peanuts.

The team Ships standard envelope sized packages up to 2 kilograms anywhere in the world within 2–10 business days.
I want to stress that the Skycoin Collectable Coins are not measured for their raw material value, but their collectability. You would not judge a Ferrari for its fresh metal price, so why would you for our Skycoin Collectable Coin collections.

Only 100 silver coins and only 20 pure gold coins will ever be minted.
For a community of 9000 people, a series of 100 coins is minimal, or even 20 coins. Owning a piece of this limited series collection far exceeds the materialistic price. Do you want to be left out? Imagine what happens when Skycoin hits triple digit in price.

It has been a story of satisfied customers everywhere for all those who have received their coins, and they loved it, thanked the team for a job very well done and have been making more orders for their loved ones.

While these prices may not be for everyone especially when you consider the very bearish period the market is undergoing right now, these series of physical Skycoin remain extremely limited. Once they are sold out, they are gone forever.
I am not trying to create the fear of missing out here; I am stating the facts.
You are in no way obliged to buy the precious metal coin collection.
The team has been very kind and considerate to create a non-precious metal coin collection that is limited to 2500 coins just for that purpose.

I would also like to point out that the telegram community of Skycoin of the Physical Skycoin Limited edition is very vibrant and very helpful. From time to time, they organize competitions for members and one community member Stan was lucky to win one of the 20 pure silver Skycoin
I always wanted to get some physical coin mementos of my favorite crypto projects and have them displayed in a nice case. As the best community in crypto, with the most significant vision for what’s most important in preserving humanity, it will be nice to have these mementos.

This is an opportunity to show your Skycoin credibility by displaying your Skycoin swag.
Would be delighted to see a couple of pictures with your Physical Skycoin paraphernalia.

Let’s get the party started.

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