Top Cryptocurrency projects Ready To 100x in 2019 and beyond

Finding solid projects when there are so many to choose from is no easy task, but doing the research is required if you’re looking for a legitimate chance to make massive returns.

Therefore, it makes sense to always be assessing how you find new projects, who is bringing them to light, and finally, how useful the low market-cap coin is likely to be in the next decade. While the market is correcting, now is a great time to buckle down and perform your due diligence.

Looking at the early days of the present Internet, no one would have thought that Amazon, Google, and Apple would be hot commodities today. No one remotely thought the likes of AOL, Alta Vista, and Netscape would ever be dethroned as the top Internet projects but hindsight is always 20/20.
The cryptocurrency market is basically full of people who shill their coins all day to others looking to invest.

They will benefit handsomely if they can get behind a coin they’re already invested in if they’re able to convince others to invest in it as well, thus boosting the price.
In this write up I am going to look at the fundamental analysis of key projects and this will involve breaking down these projects at a high level to determine whether it is a worthy investment based on its cryptocurrency fundamentals.

These fundamentals include the team, the technology, the scope, the partnerships, the competition, market size, working products, active social account and periodic updates, community sentiments, marketing efforts, circulating supply and total supply etc.
These parameters have been used in the arriving at these projects.
Projects like EOS raised over 1 billion dollars just for an idea. There is no working product and we have a lot of projects like that in the top 100 of the cryptocurrency market.

Right now and until the next few years when prices of these projects stabilize, cryptocurrency prices are mostly just all speculation.
It is important to differentiate these projects from one another and make the safer bet on the projects whose products are already live, proven, and working in the real world.

The crypto market is fragile and risky. This article is not a recommendation to invest, buy or sell any cryptocurrency related products or coin. Please do your own research before making any investment decision.

The following are the top cryptocurrency projects you must watch in 2019 and beyond as they have the capabilities to make returns from 100x and above.


Skycoin is one of the few projects that have developed their own hardware wallet for storage of its coin and other popular cryptocurrencies.
Skywallet is inexpensive, safe, conveniently sized and highly transportable, and inconspicuous enough to mask their important load. They are superior to other hardware devices available because they are going to be widely available and purchased at minimal expense without long wait times or expensive shipping fees, all while performing the same function. Due to their size, they can easily and safely are put away in a drawer or closet until you need to access your Skycoin and other cryptocurrencies.
It will not cost more than $30 dollars.

Already further developments are being made to the wallets. In technology, you either innovate or die.
The new skywallet will have the shapeshift functionality inside the wallet. No one will need an exchange at all. You will be able to spend and change Skycoin to bitcoin eventually.
Never leave your crypto coins on an exchange, they can be stolen or exchanges closed down without warning.


Coin Hours is a parallel currency that functions as a transaction spam prevention mechanism. Because transactions are free in Skycoin, Coin Hours are required to make transactions, and a certain amount is burned each time you perform said transaction. One (1) Coin Hour is generated for every 1 SKY you hold for 1 hour. Coin Hours are accumulated regardless of whether you have a wallet open. The Coin Hours are associated with public keys on the blockchain. Even Skycoin in a paper wallet will accumulate Coin Hours. In the future, Coin Hours will be tradable on markets just like other coins.
This will be like been paid dividends for holding Skycoin just like you get gas when you hold neo.

When the OTC buy-back coin hour bank program is started, they will have a monetary value attached to them where holders can trade their Coin Hours in for Skycoin. This launch date for this will be announced during the Skywire mainnet launch in March of this year in China.
Simply put, Coin Hours are the “fuel” for Skycoin.
Depending on how quickly Skycoin ecosystem is adopted, this could even become bigger than the Skycoin itself.


Skyfiber is a platform that other projects can use to launch their own blockchains for their own use cases, utilizing the Skycoin blockchain structure. It uses Obelisk, the consensus technology of Skycoin and gives the developers full control over the blockchain and provides them with a Turing-complete programming language CX, which lets them implement whatever they want or need.
The Skyfiber platform is infinitely scalable. The transactions on Skyfiber are near instantaneous, taking less than 2 seconds.

Skyfiber also boasts a throughput of 300 transactions per second (and has the capability to go higher), making it very difficult to congest. Furthermore, a separate Skyfiber blockchain is issued to each project that is hosted. As a comparison, Ethereum recently came to a halt during CryptoKitties, with transactions taking up to days to process. Ethereum also hosts all ERC-20 projects on the same blockchain, which bloats the network. As Ethereum grows in price and scales out it becomes more expensive to conduct transactions on the Ethereum network, whereas Coin Hours keep transactions on Skyfiber down to an inexpensive rate.
Due to its speed, security, and privacy, blockchain can finally realize its potential and provide a reliable, fast and versatile platform for modern enterprises.

With Fiber, customers can customize the private blockchain according to their needs and enjoy all the benefits of Skycoin technology:
·Low energy consumption
· Nearly instant trading hours
· No transaction fees

One advantage of fiber is that within 30 seconds of launching a token is you get an order book and there are no trading fees with exchanges.
So projects doing an ICO on Skyfiber won’t have to wait 8 months and pay 5–20 million dollars to get listed on exchanges anymore.


Once Mainnet of Skywire is launched, Obelisk will be the game changer of consensus algorithm in the cryptocurrency world.
The consensus mechanism is the core of the blockchain. Through theoretical discussions and technical research and development, the expert team demonstrated more than 60 papers, used mathematical algorithms, and launched Obelisk through large-scale practical verification.

Obelisk is a consensus mechanism used by Skycoin to validate blockchains. This technology goes beyond the proof of work (PoW) of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and the proof of interest (PoS) that other tokens attempt to exploit.

The consensus algorithm for Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Entitlement (PoS) has flaws in its core issues that can lead to problems.

According to the trust network model, Obelisk decentralizes the impact of various elements on the network. Basically, the network consists of nodes (such as computers, Skyminers) rather than mines, each of which subscribes to many trusted nodes.

The behavior of each node is recorded and the malicious behavior can be easily audited. When the network discovers one of the malicious nodes, the node can cut off the connection of the malicious node, and those bad actors will immediately lose the impact on the network. This transparent approach proves that the network is always highly democratic and decentralized.

A brief overview of the Obelisk functionality:
·Stretchable, low energy consumption
·Strong defense against coordinated attacks
· Defend against “51% attack”
·Hide IP address
· Clock synchronization independent
There are two types of nodes: consensus and block generation.
A lot of questions have been asked about Obelisk about how it was proposed in 2012 and 6 years later there is no promotion and if the underlying consensus mechanism encounters the same performance bottlenecks as Ethereum, have a plan been developed, and if Skycoin can provide a URL or documentation.
Like I stated earlier, Obelisk is the core of the blockchain and it was one of the major reason why Synth left Bitcoin to start Skycoin as the consensus mechanism of Bitcoin led to Centralization.

Obelisk is expected to be a game changer and because of that, it has become very necessary to get patents for its various parts and functions. We live in a world where competition is cut-throat and people and projects will do anything to steal your ideas and projects
The new Skycoin consensus algorithm being implemented is significantly improved and different from what was published in the original white papers.
Skycoin has already had coins in China try to clone the methods they have already published and do shitcoin ICOs on top of them.
The new consensus algorithm is amazing and bulletproof. It is so simple to implement, understand and simulate. It is just a complete revolution in distributed consensus.
Skycoin has perfected what Satoshi started.
Skycoin is already doing a pilot of running SQL databases on top of “blockchain” using this consensus algorithm, where each transaction is a commit modifying the data.

The Bitcoin network is controlled by three or even fewer than three mine pools. The “trust network” is safer because its consensus is achieved by a number of independent nodes that are difficult to compromise. In addition, Skycoin does not believe that the nodes participating in the consensus are credible and attempt to independently verify the behavior of these nodes

Skycoin doesn’t encounter the same performance bottlenecks as Ethereum, because Skycoin has a proprietary blockchain for each application, and Ethereum puts all the data in a blockchain, and Skycoin can reach 3000tps per chain. Visa (VISA), and can also expand processing power by adjusting the block size and adding payment gateways. This algorithmic mechanism is now validated through a large-scale application and ecological construction.
I will be writing a full and detailed article on Obelisk very soon. Watch out


Skywire Miners are the backbone of the new Internet. Skywire Miners are hardware specially designed to efficiently process encrypted, private data on Skywire and earn the operators of the miner passive Skycoin Coin Hours income.

Skyminer is a hardware component that will provide bandwidth, storage and computing resources for the Skywire network.

The official position is to utilize ARM processors since they do not have known backdoors like the Intel ME or AMD PSP but Skywire can be executed on any processor available. Later on, hardware specific for Skywire like PCB boards and FPGA chips for encryption will be produced, to achieve even higher network speed & security while keeping the costs low.
Running the Skyminer on the Skywire mainnet earns Skycoin Coin Hours in proportion to the amount of bandwidth provided to the network. The more packets you forward, the more coins you earn.
Coin Hours will soon be able to be exchanged for Skycoin, allowing you to accumulate a store of censorship-resistant digital currency, exchanged on a free and open new Internet.
The Skycoin project just released the second round of official Skyminer allowing the people to own the infrastructure of the new Internet.
In the alternative, Skyminer is completely open source, and anyone can build a Skyminer to participate in Skywire by providing resources to the network. Skyminer is low cost and efficient. Each Skyminer acts as a node in the Skywire network, creating a node mesh network.

Skyminer allows the Skywire network and the entire Skycoin ecosystem to be used by everyone, regardless of their technical background. In addition, Skyminer’s “plug and play” feature is currently being developed, so anyone can easily deploy nodes on the Skywire network.

Following the Skywire testnet phases and the limited initial release of Skyminers, Skycoin is increasing their manufacturing capacity to meet a goal of producing 10,000 units per week in 2019. A number of hardware upgrades are planned for subsequent generations of Skyminers, including an LCD screen for displaying network information. Future generations of Skyminer will feature multi-terabyte storage arrays and specialized FPGA chips for fast decryption of high-volume traffic.

You can purchase your skyminer at


Skywire is an incentive mesh network that is faster, more affordable, more accessible, and offers a higher quality of service (QoS) than the current Internet.
Skywire is an application and networking protocol that allows for SDN (software-defined networking). This means that Skywire creates a virtual, secure, encrypted network that does not care what type of hardware it is running over. This allows Skywire data packets to travel over the old Internet or Skywire wireless mesh connections without knowing the difference. In Skywire there is no censorship, no tracking, no third party listening in — it is an Internet that is truly private. This new technology, in time, will replace the old Internet entirely.
Skywire is an incentivized meshnet, meaning that you earn Skycoins by running a node and you earn Coin Hours by providing bandwidth to the network.
You spend Coin Hours to get a priority of network resources over others.
Skywire is backward-compatible with current ISPs, but will eventually break free and be entirely independent by building its own wireless mesh internet. While Skywire runs over the legacy network, ISPs can’t throttle the traffic or observe it via DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) because Skywire uses pluggable transport, therefore it can be masked as any other protocol in use. This mesh Internet is possible now with current unlicensed consumer technology.

You will be able to mine with any device that can run the Skywire application. Right now it is built for all Unix platforms. Any device that can run Unix should also be able to run Skywire. There will be support for more operating systems and platforms in the future. Due to the fact that Skywire “mining” is not actually mining to solve difficult math problems, but rather forwarding Internet traffic, it does not take a lot of computing power or electricity to get the job done. Therefore, DIY miners are commonly built with Orange Pis or Raspberry Pis because of the low power consumption and hardware costs.

Users of Skywire will be able to choose what content they subscribe to and therefore will not have to view any content they do not want to see. Any data passing through a node will be entirely encrypted, so there is no way for nodes to know what they are forwarding. However if they know another node is a bad actor, they can blacklist that node from their connections, and no longer send or receive data from them.
Skywire will be operating on unlicensed radio bands with technology that is already available on the consumer market. Additionally, Skywire will be developing new wireless hardware technology. Skywire will use radio frequencies that do not require a license.

Skywire will be pennies on the dollar cheaper than current ISPs, and will even have basic access for free. This is a huge breakthrough in technology. The Skywire platform will bring free Internet to the entire world. Specific use cases where low latency and high data rates are required, users will be able to pay with Coin Hours to get priority service. This is a far more efficient system than the current Internet and will be much cheaper even for high demand users. In addition, Skywire is designed to provide a scalable solution for the growing demand of the IoT (Internet of Things) & VR market.

Skywire is currently running on public testnet in Phase I. This means all traffic is routing through traditional ISPs and Internet infrastructure.
The Wi-Fi antennas are currently in development when they are released then people will start putting them on their roof and running a cable down to their Skyminer. This will allow Skywire to exist as MESH networks, running wirelessly and completely independent from the current internet (Phase II). The production of these antennas is in progress and launch date will be released soon.

Right now Skywire is only functioning as a VPN in the current stage, but the antennas will allow the first stages of the mesh network to go online, effectively extending the current internet until the backhaul phase can begin where Skywire can effectively function as its own independent internet, while still allowing access to the traditional one.
People will have an economic incentive to share their Internet in areas with high traffic, and areas with high demand. If you’re in the middle of nowhere then you have extra incentive to provide coverage, as long as there are some people around to use your services.

The amount of bandwidth that the Wifi antennas can transmit will max out the current Skyminer nodes maximum processing capability 100mbps, so if you have an 8 node Skyminer you should be able to get pretty close to 1gigabit/s of completely encrypted internet for a fraction of the cost of your current plan — location and antenna density depending.

In the future, once a neighborhood or area has an active Skywire network, running the app on your phone will allow you to connect instantly without any password and since its fully encrypted there is no risk of a man in the middle attack.


CX is a programming language developed by Skycoin that will be used to develop Skysuite applications.

CX can be used to create distributed applications, video games, and program FPGA chips.
The CX scripting language is a scripting language for blockchain development. It is part of the overall development of Skycoin and is the first language to guarantee deterministicity from the language level.

Determinism refers to the same piece of code. No matter what hardware, operating system or other environment is running, as long as the same data is input, the output will always be the same, providing a more reliable guarantee for the smart contract running on the blockchain.

Certainty is both a network client and a router for any node. The underlying protocol allows for the optimal formation of optimal routes between nodes, establishing a two-way communication link between the two nodes. The damaged link or node function will be quickly replaced by other nodes or links, so the impact of attacking the network will be very limited.

The user obtains Skycoin by contributing resources to the network, and at the same time pays Skycoin to acquire network resources. The long-term goal is to realize Internet resource sharing.
CX is a specification and next-generation programming language that goes far beyond “smart contracts”.
It’s written from the ground up to make it easy to write blockchain applications. Considering the current scarcity of blockchain developers, and the cost associated with them, we designed CX so that any Python or Golang developer can start writing applications in CX with only a few hours of training. Therefore, the pool of blockchain application developers just expanded to the hundreds of thousands of developers who already know Python and Golang. Skycoin thinks this is necessary so that blockchain can be adopted en masse by corporations as well as individuals.

CX has a very intuitive syntax and very similar to that of the go programming language, which allows beginners to get into the software world to start, develop their first programs and get in touch of the world of computer science and it allows expert software developers can migrate to language, learn very quickly their syntax and special features, and start developing all kinds of systems, libraries, tools, frameworks, among other things.

Unlike other domain-specific languages such as Solidity, CX is a general-purpose programming language. This means that the next wave of blockchain developers will be able to do just about anything with CX: smart contracts, decentralized apps, machine learning, video games, even CX itself will be developed with CX.
Creating languages is one of the most difficult tasks in computer science. There are only 4 projects in the whole cryptocurrency that have their own language and Skycoin has just joined the distinguished few. The good news is it is much easier and has given scholarships to over 3000 students to study the language in the University


KittyCash is a next-generation Blockchain game. It allows users to breed, feed, and trade Kitties as digital pets whose ownership and Kitty-DNA is stored on the Fiber blockchain. KittyCash combines crypto-collectibles and Tamagotchi-like elements to create a revolutionary blockchain game.

Unlike crypto kitties in ethereum, which blocked and congested the blockchain, KittyCash is part of the Skycoin ecosystem and employs Skycoin’s next generation blockchain technology.
Skycoin realizes instantaneous and feeless transactions while offering new applications to run their own blockchain.


CXO is the object system of CX

In fact, CXO combines the invariance of the blockchain with the scalability of the Content Distribution Network (CDN). This is especially true when content is not necessarily stored on the blockchain but needs to be easily accessible and verifiable.

For example, storing all the content of a social media platform directly in a blockchain, the platform will expand as more people use it. Using CXO to store and distribute content completely solves this problem.

Users will publish content using their public key. The content is replicated peer-to-peer and copied to locales that request the information. This information is propagated throughout the network, while addresses based on content remain intact. A user may publish a stream of data and sign each block with their private key. Users can subscribe to another person’s feed, taking the hash address of the peer for their subscription

CDNs are geographically distributed servers that enable fast delivery of Internet content while improving website performance. Some key features of these networks are:
• Improvement of website loading times
• Reduced bandwidth costs
• Increased content availability
• Enhanced website security

CXO is Skycoin’s improved implementation that will span multiple locations, decentralizing the storage of data. Immutable content on CXO will allow for decentralized cloud storage with the added benefit of scalability seen in CDNs, a merger of blockchain technology and traditional file hosting services. CXO will allow for the availability of fast, usable, secure content while also preventing the necessity to store extensive data files on the blockchain.
CXO is an integral part of the ultimate vision of Skycoin and its three main pillars. A layer of communication will be built through Skywire, computation is performed through CX, and storage/data will be guided with CXO.
The adoption of the Skycoin ecosystem will lead to new versions of social networks, search engines, and cloud storage systems. Even more exciting are the new innovative applications and web services that will be created under a decentralized, fast, and inherently secure system


A decentralized exchange for all fiber coins which guarantees immediate listing for any project that chooses to use Skycoin fiber as its platform for ICOs. DEX will be running and create a solid foundation to support skycoin family trading and other major cryptocurrencies

Skycoin decentralized exchange will be running and create a solid foundation to support Skycoin family trading
this platform will also support mainstream crypto-currencies e.g. BTC, ETH
It handles complex order types that aren’t currently available on other decentralized exchanges such as market and limit orders.
It also handles enormous trade volume through its unique publicly verifiable off-chain matching engine.
The use of teller allows for quick and seamless coordination between Skycoin, fiber, and websites.

Allows for performing trades between tokens based on the fiber and other networks.
For development on this go to
Considering we have many exchange tokens and coins like binance, Kucoin, Coss, to mention but a few that are floated as stand-alone cryptocurrencies; you can imagine the value this adds to the Skycoin project. The difference is that Skycoin exchange is decentralized, more secure and more private with very fast transactions and free as you use coin hours as a means of payment rather than the coin itself
• In addition, Wallet generated by Skycoin exchange has a signature in order to prove its authenticity.

11. BBS — Skycoin

On corporate social media, you’re the product. A company controls your data. They sell it to advertisers and store it on their servers. Once you make a post, it’s theirs — forever. You have no control over privacy, technology, or even your own identity
BBS stands for Bulletin Board System. Traditionally, BBS was do-it-yourself servers that allowed users to interact and share content. Modern BBS offer an alternative vision for the Internet: one where users, not corporations, have control. Skycoin BBS takes inspiration from early Bulletin Board Systems to create a decentralized, user-centric social media platform
With all the privacy breach of recent by Facebook and Google, Skycoin is bringing social media back to you, the user.

Skycoin BBS is a peer-to-peer replicated social media application built on immutable data structures (CXO) on top of the Skycoin platform. Planned features include:
• Decentralized network so that you retain your privacy and freedom
• Ability to post content, upvote, downvote, and comment
• User profiles
• Tipping for content with Coin Hours and Skycoin
• Resistance to network failure
• Public keys and trust lists that let users filter out spammers, bots, and untrustworthy users
Databases in the Skycoin distributed BBS application are replicated peer-to-peer using the Skycoin CXO library, previously called Aether. Users submit posts with a Sky Messenger prototype. This is Skycoin’s TOX-like standard for machine-to-machine communication between public keys
On Skycoin BBS, voting and content curation are transparent. The community can verify data via cryptography, allowing them to easily spot vote manipulation. Users can vote other users as trusted or as spam. A special list will also exist for blocking users.

The benefits of Skycoin BBS go beyond user privacy and data ownership. Skycoin BBS also eliminates the danger of corporate and government interference. Unlike most social media networks, Skycoin BBS is decentralized. There’s no central server to shut down and no way for a single entity to monitor communications. Every outbound packet could be communicating with a peer who can forward the message.

This peer-to-peer system protects users from third parties and authorities seeking control.
This singular platform can replace Steemit, 4chan, Facebook, and Twitter.
To download BBS, head to
Check out the technical aspects of Skycoin BBS:
Track coding commits at the Skycoin Github repository:

Get a list of nodes to connect to and boards to subscribe to

A very vital part of the BBS is the Skycoin Messenger.
Skycoin Messenger is an anonymous instant messenger. You can send messages to others by public keys on the messenger and this could replace we chat, telegram, Skype, we chat and their likes.
The amount of development, anonymity, net neutrality and decentralization has led to McAfee in choosing the BBS as a means of running his presidential campaign for the 2020 Presidential elections in the United States under the Libertarian platform.

The Skycoin team has been in development since 2011. while most projects focus on their marketing to increase their funding, Skycoin until recently don’t even think about the marketing and are actually doubling down on their technology the entire time instead.
This usually leaves them with a low market cap coin and the project being rather unknown to the world, meanwhile having some of the most advanced, progressive projects already being implemented in the real world.
When the next wave of Crypto starts, Skycoin would be one of the projects leading the way.

It is a platform with so many things working together.

Like Apple, Skycoin also has great software, hardware, industrial design and a powerful ecosystem of content, apps, and services as part of the company’s success equation
Skycoin is way ahead of the competition, constantly innovating and improving on its products as it has already started working on its new generation miners, superb product design and a very hard working development and marketing team
In summary, if we are to value these individual projects collectively under the Skycoin project, there is no doubt that that the Skycoin project is way undervalued and has all the capabilities to be way more valuable than bitcoin.

While Skycoin like healthy competition, it cannot stand hollow and substandard projects white paper scams pretenders and have channeled their whole time trying to create doubt about Skycoin. It is obvious those projects are now falling apart while Skycoin continues to grow in leaps and bounds.
Skycoin could have created separate coins or tokens from all these various projects but have decided to maintain it in one ecosystem.
Some of these projects are complete or almost complete and priority determines what project attention should be focused on.

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