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Nov 12, 2018 · 9 min read

It was expected to be the greatest debate of the cryptocurrency world in 2018.
Expectations were high and a lot of fireworks were expected.

The setting was the Malta blockchain Summit and the day was the 2nd of November 2018.
The event had over 400 companies exhibiting their innovative ideas, services, and digital solutions with thousands of people in attendance. It was exhausting, exhilarating and ultimately very rewarding on so many levels.

Records show that over 8500 people registered for the event and the guests included notable crypto-personalities such as John McAfee, Brandon Smeitana, the Winklevoss twins among many others, making it one of the largest blockchain conferences ever.

Controversial crypto evangelist, John McAfee was the star of the show for a while with loads of people posing for selfies with him. He said that it was an excellent summit adding that: “basically I came, so that I could talk, which I did. I want to tell the world, as I see it.”
He also delivered the keynote address of the conference below and I ask how can you not love this man

The Highlight of the conference was the debate on the ‘Dark Side of the Coin’ with Skycoin founder, Brandon ‘Synth’ Smietana chaired by Monty Munford, founder of agency Mob76, who led the discussion along with computer security expert John McAfee. The panel looked at the potential downsides of blockchain technologies and the best ways firms can help pre-empt such negative effects, both in how we develop our products and how we act.
This is how the debate went

The aftermath of the debate was what has caught the attention of the world as John Mcafee gave a ringing endorsement to Skycoin and its technology.
He took to his twitter that has over 800k followers to declare that Skycoin was one of the best “digital projects” to have entered the crypto sector in the recent past.

He found the project and the technology behind Skycoin groundbreaking


John McAfee is a world-renowned computer scientist, activist, business leader and cryptocurrency evangelist. McAfee’s career spans nearly the entire history of computing, with McAfee working for industry giants like Xerox, NASA, Univac and Lockheed Martin. In 1987 he founded McAfee Antivirus, and under his leadership, the company executed a meteoric rise to the top of the computer security industry.
Always at the cutting edge, McAfee now applies his passion, energy and vision to evangelizing blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. Speaking to a massive audience, McAfee’s tweets have earned the reputation of moving entire markets. McAfee uses this reach to encourage individuals to look beyond investing at all of the positive social change made possible by the blockchain.

A lifelong advocate of personal freedom, McAfee has been a vocal critic of privacy invasion and encryption backdoors. In 2016 McAfee ran for President of the United States on a platform of Freedom, Privacy and Technology. He has announced plans to run again in 2020, this time to draw public attention to the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution.
Throw in a deep understanding of cybersecurity and an inherent distrust of any centralized institution, and you’ve got yourself quite the influential figure in the cryptocurrency world.

John McAfee has experienced a wide variety of defining experiences. He’s done everything from work for NASA and creates arguably the most popular anti-virus scanner
McAfee’s off-the-grid mentality and anomalous archetype inevitably led him to become a vocal adopter of decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin and a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies.

It would be equally unwise and unfair to discredit McAfee and his role in the developing cryptocurrency world, an industry that has survived being strangled in the cradle by politicians, mainstream media outlets, and billionaires across the globe.
Many post-fortune techies-gone-rogue likely somewhat aspire to have such a controversial reputation, but it’s doubtful any will be able to match McAfee in breadth the of experiences and longevity of character.
McAfee’s professional path has been paved by decade’s experiences, where McAfee either played a substantial role or was at the very least close to the fulcrum of innovation.
While John McAfee is a personality that has helped shape the post-Internet world, he’s also reflective of an off-the-grid Libertarian ideology that has attracted so many to the world of decentralized currencies like Bitcoin.
In an interview with Katu, a Portland news station, McAfee said, “The biggest thing to communicate is the world is not like it seems. There’s always something happening just underneath the surface. When people find this, nobody wants to believe it because it threatens the security and the normalcy of people’s lives.”

McAfee on seeing all the attributes of Skycoin which include the Skyminer, Skywire, CX programming language and their own blockchain platform Fiber, John went gaga with more tweets as everything about Skycoin resonated with his idea of an ideal cryptocurrency and he tweeted out this

In his excitement, McAfee went ahead and got the Skycoin logo tattooed onto his back that was also picked up by blockchain finance guru Ari Paul. He wrote, ‘Why Skycoin? If you have to ask, you’ve been living in a fucking closet.’
He showed up a massive back tattoo with Skycoin inscription, saying his tech folks will shoot a two-minute video detailing the essence of the experience.

In addition he has decided to partner with Sky coin and he is on board now as an advisor of the project due to their amazing product line (Skycoin Ecosystem).

The crypto big dad said during the weekend “I am on board and partnering with the folks at SkyCoin.net and their amazing product line. My heart and mind resonate with their efforts. For those of you who want to trash me and label my efforts as “shilling”, you may, with my full permission and support, fuck off.”

His tweet drew a lot of attention to the project and as usual with most people; they were looking to spread FUD about the project.
He did not stop there, The more McAfee discovers the ecosystem of skycoin, the more excited he becomes. For the third time in 3 weeks he had to do an explanatory video telling the world that the most advanced blockchain project and the future is Skycoin.

Yes, of course, I am working with Skycoin. More than that, I have partnered with them , something I have never before done in the crypto https://t.co/Z7UjCKjXfX's why: pic.twitter.com/RrxVMf2PFG

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) November 11, 2018

He went further to do a hang out with free four all, Phil and Larry where he went further to explain how Skycoin will free the world from government control and centralization.
He has generated and brought all kind of attention to Skycoin and to be honest it is surprising that a lot of people have never heard of Skycoin

The irony is lot of people do not understand Skycoin because they refuse to read or research. For those who have an understanding of what Skycoin is trying to achieve, it sounds too good to be true and the only way they can describe it is a scam.
John McAfee is a tested OG who has fought for people rights, privacy and against centralization.
He has just declared his intention to run for the Presidency of the United States again under the Libertarian party

John McAfee gets a lot of hate but the truth of the matter is if you ever come face to face with McAfee, you will have nothing but love and admiration for that man.
How can you hate on such a good fellow.
The link below shows an interview declaring his intention to contest for the presidency off the United States of America .

At 73, John has lived a chequered life and just because he tells it the way it is without any embellishment is the reason why a lot of people do not like him. He does not want to be politically correct for anybody and it is very clear why he has taken a liking for Synth and the Skycoin project.
He has not forced anyone to go and buy or invest in Skycoin. He has only pointed you in the direction of the coin and just like LeBron James wont ask you to drink Sprite even in a Sprite advert, I encourage you to do your due diligence and ask the question before you make up your mind on whether you should be in Skycoin or not.
While 90 percent of coins in the top 20 have no products and as matter of fact some of them just exist in Paper, Skycoin has continued to roll out products and its proper team management has made sure it has enough resources to fund itself even if the bear in the crypto world persist for another 10 years.
The world should be eternally grateful to John for revealing this project to them. He has nothing to prove and I have never seen a 73-year-old man lie to himself talkless of doing it 4 days in a row .
Whether or not you see McAfee as a hero, anti-hero, or villain, we’ll leave that up to you. However, at the very least there is some sort of kinship with a man whose biography thus far includes the same ingredients (in admittedly much higher doses) that have attracted thousands to cryptocurrencies.

Stop “fudding” and do something to make the world a better-decentralized place.
McAfee has not asked you to buy Skycoin. He has brought your attention to a world changing technology.
This is an opportunity for you to be humble, do some research and would appreciate if you can give feedbacks on what you have found out about Skycoin.

You can say McAfee shill coins but he has never endorsed a coin more than once. McAfee has waxed lyrical about Skycoin for 4 days in a row now.
Cliff High some time ago also recognised and brought People’s attention to Skycoin. A lot of things have since happened since Cliff high mentioned it on his podcast. He wanted some clarity because he felt Skycoin were involved in too many things. However all the too many things are coming together and at the end of the day, Skycoin will become one robust Ecosystem .

Go check Skycoin out and if you have questions feel free to ask your questions .
Would really appreciate your comments .

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