Sound Bath Sessions is a subscription-based audio collection that connects local Hong Kong and Asia region sound bath practitioners, venues, and listeners. You subscription will grant you access to all of the recordings and will be distributed to everyone involved in the project.

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/ Introduction

When I first started getting into sound baths, I didn't know where to start. I had questions like: “Which sound bath practitioners were near me?” or, “What style or instrument did I like?”

Overall, I felt the offerings from YouTube, Spotify, and other relaxation apps were:

1) Not localized.

2) Too generic and/or anonymous.

3) Lacked a community to interact with.

I needed to find out more, so I started reaching out to local Hong Kong practitioners to ask them a lot of questions and record them.

// Motivation

During this time, I met with new practitioners with exotic and interesting handmade instruments, and more mature practitioners who were deeply rooted in their communities- all of whom were using sound and meditation to help people of all ages, with various mental and physical health conditions. It was a shame that none of these people were properly represented in the medium that they wholeheartedly believed in and so passionately worked with- Sound.

/// Recordings

I have always been intrigued with capturing improvised, emotionally driven sound performances so this candid documentary-style of recording is something very familiar and inherent in my recordings. I see these recordings as 'Wellness Art' or more specifically, 'Sound art with (mental and physical) benefits'. As all of the recordings are improvised performances, one can approach them as an artwork and/or as a meditative tool.

The recordings had to be as honest as possible, showing the listener what an actual session sounded like complete with all the little room clicks and pops, distant traffic, breathing, and movement. These complementary noises give an intimacy that people can connect to and give them an idea of what to expect when they finally visit a live sound bath.

Three 30-minute sessions are recorded from each practitioner and a new session is featured every week.

Minimal audio equipment prevents me from over-producing the recording which encourages simple solutions and better use of the space.

//// No Substitutes

These recordings are not a substitute for the real-life sound baths and are meant to be used for personal meditation and relaxation.

Some instruments that can transmit powerful sound waves, like gongs and metal bowls, have a physical effect on the body which cannot be translated through headphones. The instruments that are focused more on mental stimulation such as metal bowls, crystal bowls, and tuning forks, may be able to have a similar effect however it is dependent on the user’s equipment. Ultimately, a consultation with a sound bath practitioner will help them give you the treatment and experience that you seek.

///// Subscriptions

This is a community-supported project, and your subscriptions help to keep it moving forward. Your subscriptions are split between the featured practitioners, Sound Bath Sessions, and a chosen charity.

New releases can be listened to a few times before a subscription is needed.

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Thank you for your support!


Sound Bath Sessions is a subscription supported project offering exclusive live recordings of sound bath practitioners in Asia.