OVERwhelmed by PASSWORDS???

You might be one of those who save passwords in your memory, on a physical notebook, or in the browser… However, it is not that secure and robust as a password manager. Try LastPass, one of the password managers. I downloaded it recently and would definitely recommend it to any active Internet user! www.lastpass.com

LastPast is easy to use, convenient and secure cloud-based password manager. It helps to manage your digital life.


The idea is that with LastPass you only remember your Master password, and all usernames and passwords are stored behind the LastPass Master password. It keeps encrypted copies of your passwords on its server.

LastPass provides a support for all major platforms. Furthermore, it syncs across an unlimited number of devices.

LastPass gives you a chance to work on every browser and any computer platform completely independently from the browser and the operating system. In a case if your computer/mobile phone crushes, everything you’ve stored on LastPass will be backed up.


LastPass not just remembers your usernames and passwords but also autofills. It generates strong passwords of any length and features; it also audits your password to find the weak ones.

LastPass offers a feature-rich free version, as well as an affordable premium subscription for $24/year.


1. Security — — — → 2. Universal access — — — → 3. Increased productivity