Tribute to Pastor Dave Roberson

12th February, 2022

I owe most of everything I have become as a christian to the life, teachings and ministry of Pastor Dave Roberson.

Pastor Dave went to be with Jesus on the 29th of January 2022 at the age of 79. Dave was the Pastor at the Family Prayer Center, Tulsa Oklahoma- a ministry he led for over 30 years.

Dave dedicated his life to seeking and developing a deep personal relationship with God. From his personal fellowship, God showed him the keys which any Christian could embrace and practice at will in order to develop a deeper fellowship and communion with God. He prayed extended hours using these keys of Praying in the Holy Ghost, worship, fasting, confession of the word and meditation of the word. He made these keys especially that of praying in the Holy Ghost the foundation of his ministry.

As a result of this lifestyle, Dave walked in a lot of revelation knowledge and power. Dave has hundreds of documented creative miracles and testimonies to his credit. His website ( also contains a very impressive collection of messages, prophecies and teachings based on the pure truth of the gospel.

I got to know of Pastor Dave through a sequence of events. Before then I had cried out to the Lord to teach me the truth. Just after getting newly born-again, there were many versions/opinions of Christianity and in the midst of that, I hungered for the real truth. In answer to my heart cry, my friend Ayodeji Olamiti gave me a set of tapes from Gary Carpenter Ministry. Those tapes were on kingdom finance and they changed my life. The author of those tapes-Gary Carpenter would always acknowledge his Pastor, Dave Roberson. So I wanted to know this Pastor who shepherded other pastors and allowed them and their ministries to thrive alongside his!

Through dedicating myself to practicing Dave’s teachings, I found God’s calling for my life and his blueprint for me. As of today, I have 54 pages of God’s words spoken directly to me and my family. I remain on the path of fulfillment.

Dave was a giant in the faith. Yes, he left sooner than I expected. Yes, his death came as a shock. We lost a leader, a soldier, a general. At the same time, Dave has been sufficiently reproduced in so many of us such that the course which he so dedicated his life for would continue on till we have victory.

If you deeply care about Jesus and want to learn how to tap into God’s power to find the truth, your calling and your place in Him, I recommend that you read Pastor Dave’s book-The walk of the spirit and the walk of power-The vital role of praying in other tongues. The materials and literature on his website- are invaluable. On there I found my favorite confession, “The Dave and I confessions” and you could also download a copy of his book for free.

My very warm condolences go to Rosalie his wife, his family and the entire family prayer center family at this time.

As it is said in my Yoruba dialect, Erin wo, Ajanaku sun bi oke. Sun re o Pastor Dave.

(Translated-The mighty giant has gone to sleep. Rest in peace Pastor Dave)

Babatunde Iwajomo

PS: A memorial service would be held today in honor of Pastor Dave Roberson at the Family Prayer Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma



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